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How do I contact support for a forum account issue?

@Ulver Does English Support forum include issues with the forums?

Thanks licks, am talking to live chat now!

Hello @Some_Bloke :smiley: I wanted to ask, has your issue been solved yet? If not, i’d be more than glad to help :mage:

Talking to Kevin now in live chat.

Live chat failed(informed no help could be given), how do we proceed @distantefix?

Oh sorry to hear that… Could you please describe the issue? :smiley: that way i can see how i could be able to help you, or escalate otherwise!

Is there an eta on when the trade post is going to be fixed for EU?

Ok, here we go hehehe,

I think the problem is a mispelt forum account that is different from the correctly spelt amazon account.

I had/have a forum account using the name ‘SomeBloke’, which is now comically appropriate.

Post made with ‘original account’ → Cannot get tier 5 camp - #4 by SomeBloke

I could not login today with this account for some reason, nor could I recover this account.

I created this account just recently to try and contact forum support, for which I traveled a merry journey over to Amazon support (there is 2 posts for support on this forum, this one and Forum Support - Title Must Be 15 Characters)

Since I have created this new account (‘Some_Bloke’) I have received emails from this forum. This leads me to think the the original ‘SomeBloke’ account had the email spelt incorrectly…

As far as I know, both these accounts should/are be linked to the same steam account.

Can I recover the original account?

Oh okay i understand, i’m sorry to hear about the situation, must be a little confusing :sweat_smile: There may have been a problem due to both accounts being linked to one Steam account. Let’s try something. I have manually sent you an email to re-activate the account. Please do check the email you registered with both accounts looking for that specific email (remember to checj spam folder as well) and see if that helps recover the account. Please do let me know wether it worked or not!

I will not get the email as the email was incorrect/mistyped? The forum does not validate login email addresses.

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