Account Perma banned

Name: Maseonfire
Server: Pulotu

I’ve been perma banned for abusive behaviour, I don’t even know why cuz the only thing I did was calling a friend “putita” on Area chat by mistake, and inmidiately after that apologise cuz I didn’t realize I was talking on Area chat, I thought I was using dm. (For context, in Spain, more precisely Andalucia, we tend to insult a lot, but not in a offensive manner, I understand why Amazon could think calling “putita” even if it’s a friend would be a violation of the code of conduct, but seriusly… you should look at the context, not at the mere word).

Last night we killed the opposite faction and since we are a low pop server almost everybody knows me, cuz Im always doing pvp, and I think they mass reported me.

Thats all I can think of and still think that even If I did say anything else, I shouldnt be perma banned, that’s way too much punishment for a comment, there has been multiple cases of ppl duping gold, trophies and items, or even ppl trying to hack the game or selling gold, that’s what the perma ban is for, not for a comment ( which I dont think I did but whatever).

So I got in contact with the support staff on live chat, and they said they cant do anything for me, I have to write a ticket and wait for them to look at my case… so… you are telling me I have to wait till they can look at it while Im 100% sure a perma ban its way severe for a comment and even if they look at it, if they decide its been correctly implemented I wont be able to fight back cuz its a ticket and they will only reply by mail… then I guess I’ll have to go to live chat again???

I dont understand whats the live chat even for then? you might as well delete it… I told this guy my case and if he could tell me why I was banned so I could understand or explain to him that I insulted a friend in a joke manner but got massively reported by enemy faction cuz they hate us for no reason, but nope… he didnt help me at all, He just told me I had to write a ticket… FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

I’ve put this on bugs and exploits cuz in low pop server ppl are massively reporting to win wars, and I think thats what happened here since we had a war today at 9pm on windsward…

Edit: so it wasnt perma but 24h even tho it said perma ban. It also turned out I still don’t know why I was banned although a friend from the opposite faction told me yesterday I was mass reported because I killed some of the covenant faction while they were doing myrkgard.

There is an easy solution to the problem. If you want to insult a friend, make sure you are in the correct chat, because I’d totally report you if you called me names after some pvp action.

That’s obvious, but I just said “thanks bitch” to my friend then inmediately after I said I thought I was using DM and apologise, and still got my ass banned, which first I dont think thats a good reason to be banned for and if it is, at least they could have just banned me from using chat 24h instead of banning me from the entire game.

and if you look at my last post, I’ve include another case of some guy abusing mass reporting system just because some friends of mine went to myrkgard to do some pvp, in the image he says to my friend to enjoy his three days vacation, which basically means he’s gonna mass report him.

There is a bug currently flagging accounts for perma bans when they arent actually perma banned. You probably got a 24hour ban because the moderation is extremely strict but the message says permanent. Put in your appeal anyway just incase and if it turns out you are stuck banned use the phone number to call the support directly for more reliable results.

You didn’t get banned for saying putita, you got banned because you got mass reported and the system is automated.

Exactly, that’s the whole point, No MMO should have an automated banning system, cuz it’s gonna get abused, last time It happened to me just before a war on windsward…

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