Account theft. I NEED HELP

Good day,
my steam account has been stolen, but I have managed to get it back.
Unfortunately a thief was transferred my character in game to the another server.
This is a huge problem, becouse I was playing with my friends and now I can’t do it anymore.
In that case, I don’t see any further point to play, because I can’t play with them on the present server.
I have played 700+ hours my character so it’s a huge lose a time.
It’s too much to start over the beginning.
My last chance it’s transfer back to previous server.
Could You help me in this case?


Hi @karoldarowski! Welcome to the New World Community Forums! :woman_mage:

I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your character.

Unfortunately we are no longer granting server transfer tokens at this moment.

The good news is that the team is working on it and we are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022. This may change depending on the feedback and data we receive.

You can find more information in the link below:

Thank you for your time and comprehension, safe travels in Aeternum!! :world_map: :cat: