Achievement with Lore Pages

Was trying to finish achievement with “Lore Pages”. I’ve found and read ALL lore pages in the game, and found out that some of them are not going to the ingame documents library, and some are just missing on the map, so players are not able to finish the achievement. Here is the list of broken pages:
Tales of Aeternum - Frederico’s Letters: A Coming Mutiny (page 13)
- The Animals Revolt (page 6)
Tales of Everfall - Everfall’s Wreckage (page 1)
Tales of Morarch’s Bluffs - Unknown Explorer (page 6, page 8)
Tales of Reekwater - Melpomene’s Journal (page 3)
Tales of Restless Shore - Life Outside the Settlement: Sunrise on Aeternum (page 1)
Tales of Weaver’s Fen - Hazel’s Diary (page 14)
Tales of Windsward - Grenville’s Journey (page 6, page 7, page 8, page 13)

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plus i have a question, how is it possible to do the achievement, if u need, for example, 27 pages of Brightwood book, but in documents u have only 20 of them? Or Tales of Edengrove ask u to get 25 pages, but we have only 16 of them in the game? etc

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