Achievements and Titles are Missing

I have also added to the latest bug megathread.

@Luxendra @Centeotl @Lloyd @Anyonewhowilllisten :frowning:

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I will test tomorrow but the below post certainly hints at awareness and a possible fix.

[Notice] Improving Server Stability - February 11th, 2022 - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

In addition, you may see your achievements and titles in game are temporarily blank as a result of this service change. Do not fear! If this happens, log out for more than 5 minutes and it should show up the next time you log in.

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Thanks @Jeff_Explorer! I will test as well. I do wish that someone from the support or dev team would chime in and confirm that is their fix for this issue.

Morning @m0x,

No problem, I am hoping it is just a matter of their resource being fully directed towards testing and fixing at the moment as to be honest answering all of these forum posts would take a lot of resource.

If it is fixed they get a soft pass from me but it would of course help the forum community if they had more moderator presence and engagement.

Sigh, unfortunately this is still an issue :frowning:

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More users reporting

This continues to be an issue. I have uninstalled the game until this gets fixed.

Ill add another one to the list and keep an eye on this. I havent had any achievements etc for several weeks now.

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Following up as this continues to be an issue on my end.


Creating a new char and rushing through the intro (to a point where you can see Achievements on that character) will sort it out, don’t know for how long though!

Hi @Selidie,

I think it is more this I posted on another post.

“For those experiencing this issue if you logout and back in a random number of times they always show correctly eventually.”

It is really annoying though and wish someone at AGS would at least acknowledge the issue and add to the known issues list :frowning:

I think they dont update it often honestly but know of the issues already, my orich gear was bugged before and never was added onto the list but was fixed. same with heavy voidbent helmet and boots being undyeable has been fixed but still remains in there.

Hi @Vermintide,

I am hoping that this is the case as I can fully appreciate that their time is better spent testing and fixing actual issues than responding to literally thousands of posts every day.

On the other hand though, AGS should not prompt everyone to check the known issues list if it is not being actively updated :wink:

i think they are just extremely busy honestly, and response communication could be pretty slow atm to focus pushing updates to the devs on problems and suggestions from the community.

I would tend to agree and in reality I am enjoying the game, after my mandatory sign in and out nonsense to get going :slight_smile:

Not sure about that, I play every day often with multiple logins/outs and I have had no achievements showing for probably over a month. As soon as I created a new toon it showed them all.

It might have been associated with the achievement I got when I finished the intro on the new character rather than creation of the new character itself? Seems to be variable fixes for different people.

For a problem that is active since the start of the closed beta that is a way to long time to be just a bit to busy. Having to relog up to 30 minutes everytime you start the game just to get everything to work is such an vitiating malfunction that should have been resolved a long time ago.

I honestly didnt see this bug occur at release, pretty sure this popped up after the first PTR or 2nd. could be something that popped back in from spaghetti code.

Nope the bug started as “uninizialized” in the betas. Happend also from day one at release. Since day 2 of the closed beta I’m playing the relog simulator everytime at the start of the game. At least back then it didn’t take so long.

In November they deleted the visual indicator that showed a 88 on the achievements tap and changed it to just totally missing. Afterwards if you don’t look for it you don’t know right away if you have it active. Here is my still active thread started in November.

And the dumbest thing about it: The game doesn’t even register that you go to the main menu for relogging and AFK kicks you between relogs if it takes to much time and you don’t use WASD.