Achievements and Titles are Missing


This has been an issue for me on and off since launch day. My character shows 0 achievements and no titles. When I make a new character, I am able to see my achievements and account bound titles, though my primary character continues to have this problem.

Any idea how to get this fixed?


Hey m0x, thank you for posting here about this, I’ll forward it on over to the developers to look into this for you.

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Hey there @Centeotl! Thank you so much for the quick response :grinning:

I will continue to monitor this thread; looking forward to hopefully getting this fixed.

Same here. It’s been reported a few times. I posted in this thread about it as well. Achievements and Titles disappeared
But I don’t know if it has gotten any notice yet. Best I can tell, it happens when your character gets an achievement in-game that Steam doesn’t have in its list of achievements, and the game and Steam get out of sync and things go bonkers. They will come back from time to time, it seems most often after getting another achievement, but it doesn’t last.

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Thanks for the info @Chuckwagon – hopefully this helps the devs get the issue sorted.

Thanks for additional information! It’ll be helpful for the developers to get this issue sorted.

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Following up to keep the topic open and to confirm that this problem has not yet been resolved.


0.0% progress - Bug Reports / Bug Reports
[Achievement bug <Uninitalized> 0.0% progress]

There are many examples of this issue on other posts since launch, the above is from October with @Lloyd stating “Thank you for submitting this bug report. i want to confirm that this report is being received and will be included in our report to the team. Thank you for your help”

I recently posted the below on this as it really impacts the enjoyment of the game, it is super frustrating and happens all the time :frowning:

New World January Monthly Update Bug Reporting [[Megathread] New World January Monthly Update Bug Reporting - #232 by Jeff_Explorer]

  • What is your character name in New World:

Many users have reported this since launch but it is not on the known issues list ?

Please can this be included in the February mainly bugs and fixes monthly release and added to the known issue list, as I am assuming it is actually known as there are numerous posts on this issue ?

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:

Assuming all servers/worlds are effected having read numerous other posts reporting this.

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:

Achievements show 0.0% Completion.

This is completely random and if you logout and back in (a random number of times), they then show correctly eventually.

Having RNG on achievements showing seems an insane game mechanic :rofl: though it is not funny it is actually really annoying when you just want to start playing the game.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit:


  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:

It is an MMORPG so the ‘Checklist’ of achievements is where users go to see what to do next or what they are close to achieving.

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:

Logout and back in (a random number of times), they then show correctly eventually.

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

The Achievements page simply shows 0.0% and no details.

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

Sign in to the game and it is either correctly showing or not, no rhyme or reason.

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Bump and…

I have also added to the latest bug megathread.

[[Megathread] New World 1.3.1 Update Bug Reporting - #53 by Jeff_Explorer]

@Centeotl @Lloyd - Just wondering why this has not been added to the known issue list given it is being reported all the time (since launch) ?

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Thanks @Jeff_Explorer, you rock!

I am also surprised that it isn’t in the known issue list. Hopefully the more this gets called out, the higher priority it will be for the team to fix it.

The lack of achievements and titles are actually enough to keep me from playing the game right now.

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Hi @m0x,

No problem at all, it is my personal biggest annoyance as it literally happens to me every single time I go to play the game, I have to logout and back in a random number of times until they eventually show.

I did a search when I first came to report this on the forum and there are plenty of users that have also raised this issue going back to the launch.

I fully appreciate they have a lot on but adding to the known issues list so it can be added to the roadmap at some point should not take long and at least we know it will be looked at.

Hopefully the issue is on a list internally and they have just not updated the public forum version :smiley:

Guess only action is to keep bumping and cut and pasting to new bug ‘Megathreads’, which I will do.

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I’ve also had this issue for at least a month. I want to equip my titles!! Also 0% progression and achievements.

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That titles and achievements bug has been happening for the last 6 months, people report it but nothing is ever done about it.


Hi @Centeotl, do you have any updates on your end regarding this issue?


Hope you are well, just noticed that you are personally responsible for about 95% of the replies under the ‘Dev Tracker’ so just wondering if you knew about this issue (as I can appreciate things can get missed in the forum as it is super active) and can pass it on to the appropriate team to add to the known issues list.

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Thanks @Jeff_Explorer! I hope we can get some more eyes on this.

Happened to me as well - Maeljin on Balanjar server. It, maybe coincidently, happened right after I swapped factions. Would love a fix - miss my titles!

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Following up on this as I am still experiencing this issue.

I have also added to the latest bug megathread.

@Luxendra @Centeotl @Lloyd @Anyonewhowilllisten :frowning:

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I will test tomorrow but the below post certainly hints at awareness and a possible fix.

[Notice] Improving Server Stability - February 11th, 2022 - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

In addition, you may see your achievements and titles in game are temporarily blank as a result of this service change. Do not fear! If this happens, log out for more than 5 minutes and it should show up the next time you log in.

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