Achievements are not displaying while in game

While in game when I try and look at my achievements, they do not display…to be honest I gave up trying to track them because it was a hit and miss. After the March patch when I logged in I started to get notification of achievements and when I looked, to my amazement, my achievements displayed. That was short lived as the next day they were gone again. I tried the integrity file check in Steam, I even tried copying the files from %appdata\local\AGS\New World\ and %appdata\roaming\AGS\New World\ to a new folder named _OLD and then restarted the game. that did not work.

Region = US East
World - Arkadia Xi
Character Name = Renauld

Kind of frustrating when you are an achievement whore like me and your games does not provide the content it says it will.

If you relog in, you sometimes get achievements, but then you lose your house storage increase, or crafting fails. then you get to questing, and “Lag detected”, get kicked out of the game and have to start all over with the re-logs to work around all the “known issues”.

Just a note, I was tracking some achievements, and even though you can not see them you still get credit for progress :slight_smile:

Hmmmm that’s good to know! We live patched an issue where everyone was seeing their achievements EVERY log in, which is what changed. I’ll look into the lack of achievements showing, though!

So, I got fed up and uninstalled the game as a last restore. Re-installed and low and behold after I logged in the achievements showed while in game. logged out and exited the game for about 2 hrs and then logged back in…GUESS WHAT, achievements ARE NOT showing now. Please tell me what changes happen…LOL

New patch came out today…said it “Fixed an issue causing player achievements to load incorrectly at start of a new game session.”

What about fixing the issue where achievements do not display at all??

So…it has been 20 days since any admin has posted and still no solution. Thumbs up to the great support and lousy game you have produced

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