Achievements are not unlocking their associated titles + Steam achievements are not unlocking

Steam achievements are not unlocking properly. I should have the searched your first supply crate achievement but it did not unlock. Others on my friends list should have the level 10 achievement and choose faction achievement and they didn’t unlock for them.

What is your character name in New World: Exegesis
What server/world did you experience your issue on: US East/Tritonis
Describe the issue you are experiencing: Achievements in game are not unlocking the titles they should, achievements in game are not unlocking when they should, Steam achievements are also not unlocking.
Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
(if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Can’t earn achievements or use the titles associated with them. Can’t use Steam achievements.
(if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No
What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Not sure


Same issue here…

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same for me

Same. I only got 1 achievement, the level 10, then non after, including joining a faction.

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Do you have the bugged ingame achievements (placeholders and 88) which is still there from both betas? Maybe Steam can’t get them because of that.

mine are the same

same issue. But here’s something - after completing Amarine Expedition I could see achievements and had 3 titles available - but it is missing the default titles and the ones I had earned up until that point. Anyone else seen this?

I have some, but not all of the achievements. It’s possible that I completed tasks when some of the login servers were down. For example I don’t have Any of the Syndicate achievements and the fishing quest

I just want to know if this will be fixed retroactively. I don’t want to continue playing my main and missing out on achievements and titles if it won’t.

Same here…

I even tried switching regions/servers and it still didn’t unlock them after I leveled up and joined a faction. (I never received the loot your first supply box as well.)

Ya i lost my titles after getting back on earlier. Can we get an update please

aww now my in game achievements are bugged saying i have skills at level 40 but some are 0 wtf :L i dunno y its like this

Same here, ingame name “NeTor van Hammer”. I did not get the 3 Marauders factions titles after joining them.

Same here in game name: Lebrandt. Played on US East/Lemosyne. Have two achievements unlocked in game (should have more) and no achievements unlocked in Steam. So achievements are not working in game, nor are they registering/syncing with Steam.

None on steam or in game - In Game all say not initialized.

+1, same issue with the Steam Achievements. In-game achievements aren’t loaded at all.

I’ve unlocked close to a dozen achievements in game, but zero in Steam.

US West Celadon
Character: Meranath

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Same for me :frowning:
US West Yggdrasil
Character: Jeikuu

Same, for me it tracks them if the achievemnt window isn’t bugged. If the achievemnt window is bugged no achievemnts get’s tracked. Considering that with EU ques nobody is willing to risk restarting the game, that’s hours of posssible achievemnts lost.

Same, “Lolmer” on Ferri US West and “Lolmersyn” on Aukumea US West. 0 achievements, though I know I’ve completed some as I’ve joined two different factions and have been crafting and running quests.

says that verifying file integrity may help, and it seemed to work for at least one, though it may have been a coincidence.

When doing SHIFT+TAB in Steam and clicking “View Achievements”, I see this error on the page that’s loaded:

An error was encountered while processing your request:
Failed loading profile data, please try again later.
Perhaps related? I verified my file integrity via Steam as recommended in Steam Achievements do not work - #11 by ScubaKat , but no files were mismatched (nothing changed).

Here is my log (only played yesterday so just on the one log under AppData/Local/AGS/New World/LogBackups/):

All Public, Unlisted, and expire after 6 months. In-game achievements seem to be working, they just don’t show up on Steam. Verifying file integrity via Steam didn’t fix it for me.