Achievements do not match in-game time

I have 1364.8 hours of game time but have not received achievements associated with that time.

Hello @SteelStroke !

I understand you have not received the rewards for the playtime. I’m sorry to hear about that! I see how that can be quite confusing! I do have a probing question: What was the last playtime related reward you got in game?

Please do let me know so i can better understand the issue.


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Hello again! :mage:

Thank you for the info! It seems like in this case you’d be missing the last one. I’m sorry to hear about you having this issue! Let me please go ahead and escalate this! Could you pelase reply to this post with your character’s name and server, so I can perform some more research? Thanks in advance!



Hello! :mage:

Thank you for the information provided. I’m writing to let you know that this has been escalated, and I’ll get back to this psot as soon as I get an update from the Dev team! Again, I appreciate your patience!


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Hello! I’m back!

Thank you for your patience! I have received further updates from the team! This is being worked on. I do have another request for you :slight_smile:

Would you be so kind as to share a screenshot of Steam in which it shows your game time please?

thank you in advance!

I’ll be lurking around!

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My original issue above was fixed upon restarting steam, nevermind.


Great! thanks for fetching the screenshot! I have gone ahead and attached the screenshot to the info provided so that the Dev team cam check this situation further. Thanks for your patience! I’ll make sure to reply again once I receive any feedback!

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Hello again!

Just hopping in to let you know that this is still being looked into. I do apologize for the delay in the resolution! I’ll make sure to update this thread once i receive any updates regarding this matter!

Thank you for your patience!


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