Achievements still not working

For over a month now achievements have been buggy in game and there has been 0 syncing between steam and new world as the achievements are not unlocking. I’ve tried every solution out there including making new character after new character to get them to pop.


I apologize for the trouble you have been facing with Steam and New World achievements.

I can understand how frustrating this can be for you.

Since you have already tried the troubleshooting steps which are required to fix this issue and still the issue is persisting, I would request you to provide me some details so that I can escalate this issue to the developers.

Please provide

  • Your character name

  • World/Server Name

  • Dxdiag report

    1. From the Windows desktop, press the Windows and R keys to open the Run window.
    2. In the Open: field of the Run window, type dxdiag. Click OK or the Enter key to open the DirectX* Diagnostic Tool. If prompted to check if your drivers are digitally signed, click Yes.
    3. In the DirectX* Diagnostic Tool window, choose Save All Information.
    4. In the Save As window, the DirectX* information is saved as a text (.TXT) file. Choose the Desktop or another easily accessible location to save your file, and then click Save.
  • Three Game Log files
    Please provide 3 logs from: Users\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

Please copy and paste the contents on log files and dxdiag report to this link.

And share the link which is generated after pasting the content.

I will be able to escalate this issue to our team appropriately.

Thank you.

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Character name- RynTheRebellious
World Name- Camelot NAWEST

I am having the same issues. Tried every fix available online with no solution in sight. If possible, would you please escalate mine as well? Pulling my hair out a bit at this point. Thank you.

Character name: NijiYuki

World/Server: Lin Lin - US East

Hello @yamikodomo, welcome to the community.

Sorry for the trouble you have been through regarding the achievements syncing issue.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

I have successfully escalated this issue.

Here are the ticket IDs for

@IIWZRDII - V505928277

@yamikodomo - D37625568

Please allow us 48-72 hours to work on this.


Thank you!

Is there a way to check on the status of the support ticket ? @godmod


Please contact live support and provide the above ticket id to the support staff.

Our support staff will be able to provide you the current status of the tickets.

I hope this information will help.

Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face::man_mage: