Achievements tab glitched


When on a crusade to complete some achievements recently I noticed today when looking at my achievements tab that there is a page full of nonsense. After searching the forums for a similar issue I found posts from 2021 and tried those solutions.

I’ve reverified the game files via Steam Client. Restarted the computer. Updated video drivers. Updated OS files.

I ran the game again and still the tab for Achievements still shows NaN and null entries.


Hi @johnnymc

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry for the problem you are getting with the achievements tab.

This seems to be a problem with the games files, normally verifying the integrity of the games files help you with this kind of problem but since you have try the steps and is not the case please rise a web ticket using this post as reference for the issue Contact Us | Amazon Games

Hope this information help you!

Thanks @Kagami for the quick response.

After a half dozen file integrity runs I’m happy to report the achievement tab is correct again!

Back to enjoying the game in all its aspects.


Thanks for your reply! @johnnymc

I’m glad that verifying the integrity of the games files help you fix the issue with the achievements tab.

Hope you have nice day and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

Hey Kagami, just a heads up this has been a ingame bug for over a year now even after multiple fixes. Sometimes for me the Achievements tab will be bugged but other times not. IDk why it happens but to fix it you just have to restart the game or atleast it helped me in the past.

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Thanks for your reply!

Regarding to your situation, have you try to verify the integrity of the games files to check if there any corrupted file that is causing this problem bug with the achievements tab.

If you have and still have the same problem I recommend you rise a web ticket using the link in the post post above to help you further with the problem.

Also I would like to share the link of the bug report section if you like to share the this bug there to get reviewed and verify if any other player has the same problem to gather information about it and the team can collected to help the Devs team fix the problem.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

Same issue, fresh servers, two different computers. Achievements tab is usually bugged until I exit to main menu and return to the server or, if it doesn’t work, exit to desktop and relaunch. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. This bug has been fixed some time ago but seems to have returned.

Hi @radosc

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Thanks for you reply and for let us know that you have the same problem.

I have shared in the post above there is the bug report section if you like to make the report about it as well so the team can gathering the information about the bug and pass it to the Devs team to look into it.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

This was the first bug I’ve experienced since playing. And, since it was fixed 2 days ago, it’s back today. Time for me to start enjoying the game way others have been it seems. :slight_smile:

Off to repair again. Cheers…

Have you ever log in to the game? This bug in game since launch