Achievment/Title for reporting *confirmed* bot

How about an achievment or title for reporting a confirmed bot? It would be exactly like existing rewards; so different levels for reaching certain number of confirmed bots.

The problem I assume is connecting the banning of a bot back to the reporter(s) to update the count(s), but given the number of posts on this forum about bots I do feel there is need. The complete lack of feedback just now is disheartening, it’s amazing how much impact seeing a number go up can have (I mean we’re playing a MMO, most of what we do is watch numbers go up!)

Also, having a counter that shows “This player has reported 23 bots which have been banned” along with a submitted report must surely help the process of dealing with those reports e.g. ranking them in order to be processed (along with whatever other metrics you use).


Have you been successful in banning a bot? I haven’t :smiling_face_with_tear: Been reporting the same one for over a month. It has remained level 12 the entire time I’ve been reporting it.

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We wouldnt know lol. Not like they have a system to inform you “you helped your community for reporting so and so player. For botting.” Plus in your case the same bot just keeps going and going because of


As long as there is safeguards from someone just reporting everyone as a bot just to get the achievement. Cause you know people will. Maybe a success ratio or something.

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I have reported probably close to a hundred bots since launch and all of them, with exception to recent ones, have stopped logging in as seen from my blocked friends list. So in my experience they definitely do ban them, it just may take months until they fit it into their workload. I wish it was quicker.


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