Acknowledge Desync/Lag Issues

Game experiences massive issues with lag/desync. Players, mobs, and objects are regularly warped around the world. Very problematic in all aspects of gameplay, PvE/PvP, especially around CC effects. Presumably caused by how the client/server is handshaking to deal with the positioning of objects in-game. Desync/lag is everpresent. The remaining player-base has already adapted to constantly having to re-adjust to the random positions they find themselves or opponents in. This always leads to the game feeling ‘janky’ and not good. I’ve never seen New World acknowledge this issue. I’m specifically referring to desync-related lag. Not the kind related to large-scale warfare.



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No issues on my server. I feel they are making improvements to the issues, come along way since OPR and wars.

I’ve never seen desync issues but I’m on a fairly small server

Imagine thinking that you’ve never seen desync…

They need to make fixing bugs the #1 priority.

  • One simple example adding to the de-sync, lag issues is that every single player has their own countdown timer, FOR EVERYTHING.

  • This is a parasitic load, math that is being done that should need to be done.

  • ALL COUNTDOWNS, FOR EVERYTHING, need to be reset at sever time.

  • It’s simpler. I don’t understand why each player needs to have their own respective cool down.

Yeah, I don’t get much desync with range weapons, but there are a lot of desync issues for me with melee weapons…
Have a nice PC, and internet connection, and connected to the right server… Not making much sense to me. I see it mostly in OPR I do believe, as I don’t do many wars.

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