Active TP orders on server merge

Hello, what will happen with my active TP orders when the server merge will land? Will stay active on receiver server? Will automaticaly be cancelled by the system? Do i have to cancel all before?

If there is a post about it, then i`m sorry, but i didnt found it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @OrangeMan ,

If you are on the world that was confirmed as needing to be merged, territory ownership and contracts (TP orders) will not persist on the new world.

If you are on the world that was identified as the counterpart,contracts and territories will not be impacted.

For a much detailed explanation please check the following post -

I hope this helps.

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thank you for the quick answer.
ill check the post you provided

Happy holidays, aswell!

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I can’t see anywhere in this post about Trading Post items…

Do we have to take all items for sale out of the TP for the Server Merge? Like you have to for transfers…

Will this cause issues if we have things for sale on the Trading Post.
It is NOT mentioned in the post you linked. This is all it says…
but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new world.

Does this mean that our items will be deleted if we leave them on the Trading Post?

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The official answer doesn’t really answer, what happens to buy and sell orders? not persisting them doesn’t tell whether they will be canceled automatically, or just disappear in nothing.
What are players exepcted to do to not have losses?

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