Add 10% luck on drops and farming resources if flagged

If you added luck for when you flag for pvp, people would be flagged up farming there daily cinnabar,cloth and mobs in myrkguard it would make things a hell of a lot more interesting and get incentive for pvp, because as of right now no one flags up on my server, hell even when someone is trying to put a territory in conflict they send and unflagged guy to tell there buddies where we are so they can avoid fighting us. Something NEEDs to be done about the open world pvp for people past level 60 there are no incentives other then fun, and honestly people would rather have less fun and be more productive apparently so ya open world pvp is DEAD right now, I think adding luck to drops on mobs and mining/harvesting/logging/skinning would REVIVE it.


As has been stated many times, this would just make PvP worse. You’re not going to get more PvP this way, you’re just going to have PvE players flagging to gather and running away at the first sign of another player. Most of us wouldn’t flag to gather/quest if the rewards were 100% bonus xp and resources. We flag PvP when we want to PvP, not as a way to get more stuff. Dying to random gank squads is just too frustrating when you just want to refine those 1,000 wyrdwood in your bag and need green/aged wood to do so.

If you want to incentive PvP you need to offer new content. Either rewards like new weapon/armor skins, titles, house furniture, etc. Or new PvP modes/objectives like the oft-mentioned caravan escort missions.


maybe read some posts before restating an already terrible idea?

pve rewards/incentives for pve… pvp rewards/incentves for pvp.


pve rewards through pvp makes perfect sense it’s more of a risk to flag up while farming so you should be rewarded by doing so. Maybe think before you type.

nope… i want pvp rewards if i’m flagged, i can can harvest shit any time.

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By that logic I should get more iron ore from a node in Shattered Mountain because there’s more risk in that zone than in Everfall.

No one is making you flag. If you flag while gathering or questing, it’s because you want the added excitement/danger of being attacked by other players while doing mundane activities. That is your reward.


well if you read the reasoning behind the entire thread is that one FLAGS so i’m suggesting something to revive the current state of open world pvp because right now there isn’t any.

come up with something original… that doesn’t involve pve, a few of us are trying for ideas to do that and improve missions.

THIS THREAD IS ABOUT PVP omg can you not read

This thread is just like all the other pvp threads. We need more, we need more “incentives” to pvp because pvp by itself isn’t rewarding enough.

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i can read… but i’m gathering reading comprehension is not your forte, since you’ve missed the dozen or so threads, if not more, suggesting the exact same thing.

and i do mean the exact same thing… this is a wasted useless thread adding to the noise.


just add pvp servers, no need to overcomplicate the issue with “incentives”

the incentive to pvp is the pvp itself, not bonus drops or exp.


if you don’t care about pvp don’t reply that simple

and here we go with the usual “oh you don’t like my idea so you can’t be a pvper!” idiocy.

yep i absolutely hate pvp! worst idea ever invented, pvpers are such loooooseerrrrs!

We’re commenting so that amazon doesn’t only see the pvp’ers demanding the same thing over and over and over again and assume that everyone wants those things. They need to hear the counterpoints, the opinions of those standing against those wants.


The problem isn’t no one flagging, it’s that the world is too big for the given max population. I was running around on Sunday evening harvesting near the hermit’s fishing spot and didn’t see a single player for over twenty minutes.

That’s why the PvP missions are for, they’re the same for each faction so that players will be drawn to the same areas in order to help facilitate combat.

The issue is that open-world PvP just kinda sucks, regardless of game. Bribing people to flag isn’t going to fix that. It’s just going to give the current flagged people some more stuff, but not more fun


i’m commenting because i’m tired of someone ignoring the rather helpful little side menu that pops up and shows you… the exact same fucking posts you are about to repeat… and people clearly not even attempting to see if their idea has been already suggested a dozen times or more already.

Hey, got an actual ping from the other thread being linked lol.

I see you are looking for more wPvP incentives, the biggest concern on adding luck or the likes is that people will simply not flag.

I do PvX based on what I feel like doing I flag or not. If I head to farm some platinum ore, I will be wearing luck armor most likely and not flag. Why? Simply because if I get killed I will have to go all the way there and repeat. Forced to flag for extra luck is a bribe for getting me into content I wouldn’t want and if what you dread happens, it will start killing the game for you.

That is what PvE players don’t want, feel forced to participate on a content they aren’t interested. If you find a miner flagged, they will simply run, there is no fight, there is no skill, just kick down someone who won’t fight back.

In the thread that was linked, there are ideas to make PvP more engaging without affecting PvE players. I get what you say about wPvP being little. Somehow, my server has it on a healthy spot despite being low pop.

But as mentioned, is better to add incentives for people that don’t flag because the price is too harsh for dying.

Bonus gold, char and weapon exp, no armor damage, area standing bonuses and the likes are ideas that tackle directly into PvP without hurting PvE. But bribing someone who won’t fight back won’t solve the wPvP problem at all.

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i think luck is a good thing, you can also fight people for mining spots, theres nothing more annoying when someone kites a bunch of stuff to you and steals your nodes and you can’t fight them because they’re not flagged, so i disagree with what you’re saying

That is a different issue and not every resource has mobs nearby to drag and push you away.

You really think those who bring stuff to kick you off a node will flag even with luck?