Add 25 Umbral shards to OPR rewards

OPR just doesn’t start at all since the patch. I don’t care for 625 gear, the only fun that I had in NW was OPR. Now, everyone who did it stays in PvE because they are afraid to miss a spot in a mutation group. They feel like they’re missing out when they’re in OPR or something.
Just add small amount of shards to OPR rewards so people could grind it if they wanted.


25 is a massive amount of shards for one simple OPR. there is no risk or skill required or gear tuning needed for OPR. Someone with a 500 GS can run around and smash NPCs in OPR and qualify for shards.

Why should that person be allowed to earn more shards in 2 OPRs than a player who has a ran a mutation 2 with the proper GS and Orb expense for basically doing nothing but clicking a button to que and killing mobs a level 50 could kill.

I agree 25 is too high.

10 umbral for a win

5 for a loss

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I am fine if they just made it where you get a gypsum everytime…or make it so you have to craft a consumable for umbral attunement and you get 1 per 500 points or something…or like you said 5 for an L 10 for a W. Something so people will play this mode again.

If you had run higher mutations you would realize what a pathetic amount of Umbral shards 25 is. I get a few thousand shards for 30 minutes of my time running the most braindead content ever

How come 25 is “massive” amount? You need to run 100 games 40 minutes long to get an item to 620. One item.

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