Add ability to inspect players

I think you need to add an option to inspect a player though the h menu.

  1. When I am impressed by a player I would like to inspect their gear and figure out what they are using…
  2. GS. People need to be able to check the gs on players they may run a mutator with.
  3. Server merges! We got mergers and are struggling trying to understand the meta on the new server… ie what weapon and armor gems, etc.
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I don’t think you should be able to just inspect any joe blow’s gear. This will ruin anything to do with PVP.

I think you should be able to request to view some ones loadout and if they click a button to say yes, then only then it will let you view their loadout.

Like a trade request menu, F1 to allow user to view you gear, F2 no you can’t view my gear… etc.

Interesting compromise.


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