Add Anti-healing to melee heavy attacks

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I mean…

Heavy armour bruisers are already massively overrepresented due to the inherent power of heavy, and the way that wars work meaning that the vast majority of people need to be on the point.

I agree that healing needs to be addressed, but stacking even more importance on the melee ball? that seems counterintuitive to game balance in general.

Give it to the muskets and bows, ranged hatchets already have one, but lets see some of the other styles of play gain some utility that make them more useful in the meta. Don’t just overload the people that are already the best represented. (barring hatchet exploiting)

If they planned to have strong heals they should have given a weapon or two anti-heal skills. That was all they had to do. Anti-heal on every heavy attack would be too much.


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