Add Decorating Permissions for Other Players

I want to suggest adding Housing Permissions to other players as an option for house decorating. The player with permissions granted wouldn’t be allowed to add or remove items from the house, just move them.

Doing so allows for a couple different things. One, it can allow collaborative decorating of a house. I’ve seen friends in another MMO get on discord and decorate a house together. Secondly, it opens up another potential revenue stream for players because people can ‘hire’ decorators to come in and make their house look nice.

Personally I am not a huge fan of decorating, but I have a company member who loves it. She is done with her 3 houses now, and she’s a bit stuck. I would love to have her come in and decorate my houses, but my play time is limited for the next while, we can’t coordinate being on at the same time, and I have little patience trying to place an item where directed verbally. Other company members want her to come in and decorate her place as well. It would be awesome if I could just give her permission to move stuff around as she wants.

Hopefully this suggestion is even possible with the design of the game because it would be pretty neat. :smiley:

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