Add expertise climb to faction vendors for player kills

So I see a lot of the pvp crowd complaining about the new expertise system and the fact that GS will no longer really matter so much without having a clue what to ask or suggest to make this system work for their style of play so I’m just gonna suggest it for them.

Please add an additional rank(s) to faction vendors post 60, a good example of how to do this is would be adding additional rank(s) solely based off players killed numbers. Unlike previous ranks where you could go up in rank by completing faction pvp missions post 60 ranking would only increase buyable expertise up to 600 gear from player kills. You could still farm faction crystals in which to buy pvp faction gear from pvp faction missions, but only player kills would increase your rank to allow your buyable pvp expertise gear to bump up to eventually legendary status with some pretty optimal perks. Maybe not the best possible perk wise but some damn good ones without the monotonous grind to either get drops or craft perfect 600 gear with all the perks you want.

Is it exactly the same? Nope
But I can say it puts everything in an equal setting. Wanna do nothing but pvp? Cool you can buy higher and higher expertise gear from faction vendor, but your not getting 600expertise drops from the world and PVE just cuz you killed a bunch of people. Your gonna hafta expertise grind for that if you want it.
Wanna do only PVE? Cool but your not gonna be able to buy expertise 600 legendaries from faction vendor eventually.

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