Add healing efficiency reduction to more skills / improve infected throw

I’m not sure if anyone actually USES infected throw actively, it has a VERY slow animation making it very hard to land and the duration is SO SHORT that you can’t even THROW the axe and hit once that it’s already gone, making it useless in PVP / wars, which is pretty much the only moment I would consider using it at all.

Not only this, but the AOE upgrade which could have actually made it great (AOE + increased duration) is rendered useless because it requires the target to have less than 30% health, and we well know that targets being healed are always at 100% which makes this skill absolutely useless then again.

I therefore suggest:

  • Add healing efficiency reduction to more trees, like the bow poison shot for example.
  • Increase the base duration of infected throw, and remove the health % barrier preventing the skill to be useful.



8 seconds is good, but it should be 50% and not 30%. I tested this last night and healers didnt even seem to budge with 30%. It is a useless skill imo in its current state.

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VERY slow animation… totally agree with you…

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