Add MASS SALVAGE option and speed craft

Crafting many pieces takes forever, also, mass salvage is NECESSARY, because it is tedious even with fast salvage.

The reason Armor, weapons and a like is crafted 1 at a time, they are getting random stats, so when the craft of armor for instance is happening, the game/server rolls the dices and gives you some random stats, and GS…

Where when you craft Iron ore to bars, hide, stone, furniture, there are NO stats that changes, there for you can craft every thing at once.

Salvaging is also a little dice roll, since you can get 1-x silk back or what ever it is, but sure every thing could be done in one go, if they were to implement a “no output” craft, where you craft but no items were produced. And NO items to salvage, but you then would get a % more exp.

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