Add more complexity to builds/combat via Abilities tied to Attribute Levels not Weapons

I am someone that generally likes PvP in MMOs because they provide greater complexity than MOBAs or FPS games due to there being a lot of customization and abilities that can be used. Currently we are limited to 6 abilities which seems pretty lacking compared to most MMOs. I suggest the creation of abilities that are tied to attributes. Unlike a lot of the weapon abilities, I think these abilities should have long cool downs (40s-60s) and have essentially a single effect (where as weapon abilities w/ perks can sometimes have 4-5 different effects). I think that there should be 2-3 of such abilities that you can have selected at any time (similar to the non-weapon based abilities in GW2).

These abilities should be heavily situational and not something that is just spammed off cool down. I think ideally each attribute level should provide 2-3 options to choose from, so that someone with max 500 ability points would have 10-15 abilities they could choose from. I think there could be some potential to having dual requirement ones (i.e 50str 50con to unlock ability x) I think that care should be used in such cases to avoid creating “must have” attribute combos.

Anyway I was just thinking that having 6 abilities (which are often very overloaded) is not ideal and this would be a decent way to implement some cool abilities that would add more depth to the game.

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Yeah, I mentoned something like this before. You have your 3 weapon skills on each bar and then could have 2 other skills that are stat related or something that you can pick. These don’t switch when you weapon swap and would be abilities that people could pick based on the build design they have gone for.
Combat in this game is bland and clunky, admittedly adding new skills won’t help with that as they need to fix whats already there first

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