Add Resolve (or whatever you wanna call it), a new stat that reduces knockback from enemies when blocking

Imagine having 300 strength or constitution, and a tiny enemy keeps knocking you back. Now imagine having multiple enemies bouncing you around like a pin ball.

I vote we add a stat that reduces the knockback range of enemies and each enemy type has a knockback range per type, for example, bosses knock back 1 meter, elites knock back .75 and basic mobs knock back .5

Having 300 str or con would then reduce this by a ?%

Or, we could just reduce the knockback range of all enemies, or add diminishing returns for each consecutive hit but that’s not as fun.

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It’s a torrent of misplaced topics. Most seem to go unnoticed. I suggest picking a few community members and giving them the ability to recategorize these topics. Should help a lot to keep discussions where they belong, reducing your burden.

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