Add Rocket Launcher

I think if we add the rocket launcher it will solve all the crying about IG and GA

Nothing will stop the crying of all weapons. Nothing. Every MMO I have played it is the same thing. Everyone complaining about every weapon they don’t use while saying the weapons they use are under powered and need a boost.


siege weapon?

would love to see jet or laser gun as well

cant wait for airplane mounts and shark with laser defensives


I know this is sarcasm but for the love of god no more firearms. Enough… This is not call of duty

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found the guy who runs in a straight line during opr and bitches about muskets!

We already got a new shotgun and grenade launcher.


ohfuk true lol

There is a perma-Mortar bug that feels like this. :smiley:

There’s two…

Blunderbuss + fire gem. :sparkles: Laser :sparkles:

Yea playing opr with alots of BB I literally feel I’m on tha battlefield with mortar shots getting fired over me lol :joy: Sound of BB kinda higher than anything else idk

Please add these close combat weapons and ranged weapons plus armor skin to the game. I will pay top dollar:


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