Add Transmogs to the Game!

This patch adds a few things I’m interested in - PvP rewards means another set of armor to collect :slight_smile:

Also there are more Varangian knights added to the world, now up to level 40’s on PTR?

Means there are new T4 Varangian gear drops to collect as well :slight_smile:

they are actual idiots, idk how any of them have a job anymore. It would be so fast to add in a barebones state and would add months of content for people

Wow sucks. Do not take any advice or direction for NW from wow.

Carebears want transmog, not pvpers. Don’t waste time on it.

Why devs shouldn’t add something that would add more depth in the game?
Btw, here’s a fun fact: you can’t speak for every pvp player out there.

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That really kills the game for me, more than all the changed they’ve made.


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How can this be something that would take so much time to implement? It’s literally already in the game, we are able to change skins as we please, just add it to our selection pool. Maybe add a a consumable (rare drop) where we use on the weapon/armor and there you go, the skin is added to the pool.

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personally, i think they should just add more designs to the crafting tables.


Bump still need this

wowow, i never saw this… is this legit? i’ll have to let ppl know it aint coming for a while, if ever. lots of ppl about to be disappointed, i thought for sure it was on its way. so easy to implement. when was this message if you dont mind? @Walruss

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Ey what’s up @slender, Kay posted this on 05/21/2022 in #nw-general and yes, it is legit unfortunately. Not coming any time soon and probably not even this year at all.

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roger that buddy, damn… very disappointing.

I hate to point to WoW but in this regard they have a great system. As long as you’ve collected an appearance you will have access to the appearance of that item forever and can use it as many times as you like. The only caveat is collecting an appearance requires you to bind the item to you via equipping it even if just for a second. That I’m ok with - and it might also make some items with bad stat/perk combos, or just drops we don’t need, more desirable if they have a nice appearance.

Then you just have an in game menu to go to and a window pops up allowing you to browse through the appearances you have unlocked, so you can then apply them to your character. They have this sorted by item slot, and there’s a separate section for entire sets you have unlocked, so you can apply the appearance of an entire gear set all at once if you’ve collected the entire thing.

I’m not terribly picky about whether this is something we spend gold for or is done via crafting. As long as the price is reasonable it’s fine, because I know myself and a lot of others may find ourselves changing our appearances often, so it needs to be fairly cheap in order to do that.

I’ll also say it should be easily accessible for that very same reason - nobody wants to have to wait around for someone to log in so they can change their gear appearance. So if it is something we’d get another player to do via crafting, perhaps make that crafted thing be an item the crafter makes that they can then sell on the Trading Post. That way we can buy whenever we want and always have it on hand for when we’re ready to change looks.

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Please add Transmog OMG. I would love to change the glow on my Bow! lmfao

Making so much money off of transfers by now, I don’t really feel like you need to not let us transmog at this point. It’s practically in the game already with how skins work, just need to allow any gear already acquired before to be able to be transmogged and dyed. Before cosmetics were the only way was making money after launch, that is not the case anymore, transfers are being used like crazy and they make more money by AGS letting little servers dy by not merging 300 pop servers that can’t take the low pop bs anymore.

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Sad that there’s no transmog on the july patch notes…

Further up the thread there is Add Transmogs to the Game! - #262 by BRADLEY So no plans for transmog in the near term.