Add Transmogs to the Game!

Not familiar with SWTOR but if you say it’s the same, then yes :slight_smile:

Got tired of waiting so I decided to add Transmog into the game myself;


You may enjoy the ability to be able to view 3D models of actual items

they made it where we can save outfit slots and we can create any kind of outfit we want mix ingame items and store items plus weapons etc with dye slots etc

this is kind of the example

No place in NE for Star Wars system

Bro just give up already we already have this system in new world with skins soooo it would just improve tmogging . I get that you are anti tmog but just move along . It will happen wether you like it or not .

Doubt it will. But keep dreaming kid

so aggressive for something you cant even control lol :joy: who hurt you :skull:

they already annouced it, you really missed that? :joy:
yes, we will keep dreaming! :slight_smile:

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I wish we could at least for starters have outfit save slots to save our looks we create . It would be a QOL feature to have to hold us over until we get official transmog Ingame.

So far I’ve created these looks with the two sets .

This UI design is sent from heaven. I bet they will ignore this and make something bad …

Thank you so much <3

Spent quite some time on it.
Maybe little too much :skull:


Yes yes yes this I want this plz yes guys do this do what @VeNoMz made

Incase the image gets lost reposting what @VeNoMz made


It’s okay. The three of you who still play can enjoy your fashion show game

its ok because there is more then 3 people in this thread that also want tmogs . so you can go sit down and take your troll L now :slight_smile: because that is all you do on these forums every single post from you is aggressive and just a troll bot spam account at this point .

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