Added additional cooldown to my server change, why?

Hi devs!
Since the server I was on was losing pop and my friends started moving to Barri, I wanted to do the same to keep playing with them. I had a level 60 alt on Barri which I didn’t want to delete so I decided to move it to another server due to the fact that you aren’t allowed to have 2 chars on the same server.
The problem surfaced when I wanted to move my main to Barri, I had 3 days CD. I didn’t of curse realize that the CD was account wise. I had one day left on my CD before the patch hit the servers and now, I have 28 days!!!
WHY? I mean why do you add the days when my CD was already on???
Why is the CD account wise and not char wise?
I don’t feel this is fair for people that don’t jump servers to make money and just want to play the game!
Please solve this issue I won’t be able to play on my account on a server where I have no friends.

Hello @Dariush

I understand you have questions regarding your character transfer cooldown.

This is intended, as explained in the latest Update Release Notes:

Server Transfer Cooldowns
We have increased the cooldown on all server transfers from 3 to 30 days.

The new server transfer cooldown changes apply to all characters, even if they had previously a lower server transfer cooldown.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

If I can help with anything else let me know, stay safe!

It’s just lazy coding and you make loyal players suffer for that! But ok I understand.
Thank you for the “solution”…

This is silly. The new cooldown should only be applied to transfers completed AFTER the update goes out. For people who have been waiting to transfer, this increase has essentially ‘reset’ their wait. Very silly decision to make it apply retroactively. This should be undone.

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