Adding a constitution modifier to weapon combos

For example, GA/SnS.

Numbers are arbitrary, just a general sense of the idea.
Let’s say GA is a 1 to 1 modifier and SnS is a 1 to 1.5.

All in total your accumulated constitution scaling is 1.25. 25 HP per con turns into 31.25 HP per con.


GA is 1 to 1, BB is 1 to .8.

Overall Con modifier is .9. 25 HP per con turns into 22.5 HP per con.

There is no way to balance weapon combos and there needs some sort of modifier added to be able to fine tune not only a weapon as a whole, but synergies between weapons. The only way to balance a two weapon system is to make sure no weapon has an identity and no weapon has any strengths or weaknesses. Hence, the ugliness of weapon diversity and the missing build depth we have now.


Or just limit the build diversity by adding mandatory stats. Like 50 or 100 point in the main stat of the weapon. That alone would balance out most of the stupid things, like healers with rapier, GA users with ice gauntlet etc.


I like your idea, but I just want to point out it will be very very hard to balance. I know you numbers dnt matter, but your intention was for SnS to be higher for tanks, and BB to be lower cause it is being used as an assassin weapon… but your numbers when using a SnS/BB would mean that player is actually tankier than they are on live by 15% (this was clearly not your intention, but things like this can happen).

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This could actually work, I love it.

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Agreed. Equip load can change the ratios as well. Just an idea.

I think something needs added to balance weapon combos.

There’s been equip load effects per weapon, synergy trees for weapon combos, primary/secondary weapon ideas, there’s a lot that can be added, it’s a matter of which one.

In regards to the SnS/BB maybe a better way to do it would be for example:

Heavy Ratio: 1.5

Medium Ratio: 1.2

Light Ratio: .9

Heavy Ratio: 1.0

Medium Ratio: .8

Light Ratio: .6

Totalized Combined Ratios:
Heavy Con Ratio: 1.25

Medium Con Ratio: 1.0

Light Con Ratio: .75

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Meh… Extending that to Dex and Intel builds, it would be hard to do… It would only make lights squishier and heavies heavier. Idk.

Balancing an IG/FS compared to IG/GA would be difficult.

@IDarkStar Interesting suggestion. I understand what you are going for, helping tanks feel “tankier” while having burst damage builds feel a little more fragile and incentivizing build diversity as a whole. I am going to share your concept with the Dev team. Thanks for sharing!


Good idea, but it would need to be a % of your total attributes and not just a raw number because you need to consider people leveling up that don’t even have 50 total attributes until certain levels.

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Yeah thats a great addition.

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