Adding bait each cast?

Was this added on purpose? It’s a terrible idea if so. One of the things that made fishing in the game less of a nuisance was that you applied bait once.

Can anyone confirm that this is unintentional or not?

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extremely annoying. really hope it wasn’t intentional.

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Sounds like it’s a new feature instead of a bug. I myself never use bait anyway. I got bis gear w/ 3 trophys and I only fish 3* hotspots so bait does nothing for me except give me more chests over more valuable things like oysters. It’d be nice if all the good hotspots weren’t being fished 24/7 by bots that i report everyday and somehow still around. Hopefully they use bait so it slows them down.

It is done to encourage botting, the less players fish, the less bot reports they have to deal with. /s


Bait significantly reduces bite times. Just get rid of trophies and use cheap bait;) well once they fix it.

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I just decided over this weekend that I was “Going Fishing”, and leveled up from 84 to 200!

I almost never used bait, so my levels took about 10 minutes each, roughly, but the XP needs do increase at higher levels.

Currently, level 201 will cost something like 22+K, so not sure how much fishing is going to be needed. Was getting 110xp minimum per fish hooked/caught, so without better fish, that would mean 200 caught fish for the next level. :frowning:

Can anyone tell me what bait is supposed to be good for?

Pick bulrushes next to fresh water for fresh water fishing and collect flint during the night for glow worm fishing in salt water.

I can’t believe that fishing was nerfed too.

Bites times are negligible on hotspots though, maybe 2 seconds faster? Other than the fact i am competing with bots sometimes and speed is good I’d rather use my trophys than pay/harvest for bait. I still get more than half the node by being as quick as i can if I’m only competing with 1 bot.

Thanks for the quick and speedy reply, as well as when and where in game to gather the bait.

Thanks @netandy for the link! I’ll be adding that one to my favorites.

What happens if you choose not to bait your hook now? I finished my “Fishing Trip” about 3am, and the patch kicked me off the server at 7am.

I just picked a convent spot, just off the beaten path, with a level two hotspot, and whenever the hotspot was active, I fished it, and the rest of the time just keep casting into the deep water, and got to level 200, from starting off at level 84.

I had some folks get creative with trying to ‘mess with’ me while doing my marathon fishing expedition over the weekend, but I’m just assuming that they thought I was a bot, rather that them just being bad mannered to a fellow human player.

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