Adding New Weapons to the Game

I would love to see several new weapon archetypes added to the game. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Greatsword - Having a bigger sword with a balanced scaling in both strength and dexterity would be awesome. The skill trees should include a combination of abilities that offer powerful and heavy strikes, yet also let the player to parry, riposte, and pommel strike combatants. This sword would be great for clearing out multiple enemies but also have decent dueling capabilities.

  2. Blunderbuss and Dueling Pistols - these guns were iconic alongside the musket in history. having a shotgun and dueling pistols in the game would help fill a role for those who wish to engage in close quarters shooting and add a unique playstyle to the game.

  3. Crossbow - although we already have normal bows and arrows in the game, it would be awesome to have a crossbow with a scaling in strength added to the game. The reason being is that players who invest in strength builds would then have an option to engage in ranged combat should the need arise. A heavy yet powerful crossbow with the ability to shoot deadly bolts with different effects would add more build diversity.


If I am not mistaken, I do believe the Blunderbuss and Duelling Pistols or Pistol in general is something I have seen to be in the works. So certainly something to look out for!

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Greatsword, blunderbluss, dual pistols and void gauntlet got leaked months ago from some dataminer. But who knows if it will really get implemented or was just tested and got discarded.

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we shall see indeed! would absolutely love to have these weapons.

interesting! hopefully all those things mentioned will get implemented.

Iirc, Greatsword was only shown in concept art. There was no confirmation whether it will be added. As for Blunderbuss, Daggers and Void Gauntlet, they were displayed in weapon masteries in an official stream.

Also, some thing ppl are confused about is that Blunderbuss description read as “ideal for keeping targets at a distance and long-ranged combat with a high payoff for precise aim”, so it’s not a shotgun.

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