Adding new worlds is not a solution

And heres why:

So I started playing at launch just like every one else, levelled to lvl 10 along with my friends, then boom server went down for maintenance and we got stuck in long queus. We gave up waiting in queue and decided to delete our characters and play on a low pop server. Started playing on the low pop server got to level 27 and boom daily 2 hour+ queues to login.

How exacty is you adding more worlds going to solve my problem? I have no intention of starting all over again and asking my friends to restart all over again just because of a queue which might just happen again.

You are simply shifting/delaying the problem. Lets not also forget that because there are still some bugs in the game a player might need to relog/restart the game to reset the ui etc. Unfortunately because of the queues this is literally impossible.

To make this game viable to play we need the following:

  1. Cross worlds.
    2.Faster queue scaling. (sharding)
  2. A simple bit of logic along the lines: Save player slot for 5 mins before reclaiming for optimisation so that if lastPlayerLoginTime < 5 mins instant log and not dump him/her in the queue.

You’ve got a good game, dont lose the community over silly performance issues.

Totally agree. I’ve started playing 3 days after launch and couldn’t create a char in the server that my friend was playing.
Trying to play after work hours add at least 1h queue times on a shit server. Creating more servers is not helping the community is just ditching the game.

The focus should be to improve the number of players on the existing servers. I had to give up from playing the other day because I had limited time. If I’m spending my time on the queue every single day it’s just a waste of time.

Problem is the game world is not designed for more than 2k players.
We are already seeing an issue with good resource locations being flooded and with no forced pvp you cant even clear out the competition.
You add another 1-2 k ppl and its gonna get even worse.
Wait till you realise the insane amount of low tier mats you have to gather for high end items and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
They would have to redisgn a lot of the world add more resource spots etc to support more players.
So yes, adding more servers for now is the solution.
As for sharding, I dont think their infrastructure is designed in a way to allow that. Again it would take a long time to implement, and who know if we will even need it in a few months.

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