Adding these vendors would be amazing for the game

Materia vendor:
Instead of materia being crafted into an item at a crafting station add it to a vendor outside of the respective expedition this would make the materia system much more streamlined, obvious and clean up the crafting stations

Azoth salt vendor:
after completing the quest in everfall the npc would then turn into a vendor where you can spend salt without having to also gain pvp xp, as it stands for now; I for example open world flag alot and I gain much more salt than i do pvp xp this results in a massive overflow waist that happens naturally.

Azoth salt vendor shop would contain the named items from the track but for a very high price somewhere between 50-100k salt

I would much appreciate the salt vendor as I do enjoy open world flagged gathering but I feel as if Iā€™m being bottlenecked by it as far as pvp xp gain goes compared to other outlets.


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