Additional Ultimate Ability

Combat in PvP could do with a 4th ability on the T-key. Ultimate abilities would spice things up and introduce an element of strategy and randomness to fights. Currently combat is very regiment or simply all in heal fests because everyone knows what to expect.

In games such as League of Legends ultimates remind players that they need to think about when to engage as well as positioning rather than it just being an all in button mash every time. Plus from a player perspective it’s the dopamine-inducing testosterone-engorging rush when your opponent’s burn all of their abilities and you see the opportunity to go all in and drop a big Ulty on their heads with devastating effect.

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Another addition that I think would add variety would be to allow any effects from one weapon persist when swapped to the other weapon. Currently cancelling any active effects when swapping simply keeps combat on a lineal path and very rigid.

As a PvP centric game the emphasis should be on diversity of combat not restricting it. IMO

I hope they add extremely rare drop unique items beyond legendary classment that gives 4th ultimate ability like in Elden ring.


Idea 3.

Two ideas in one….

First of all. Remove the level cap for OPR or make it lvl 10+. You have a PvP game that forces people to level to 60 PvE style to be able to join in on the OPR fun…… Crazy. Just scale players and let them pick perks at the start of the OPR.

Second. Have a MOBA mode for OPR. Don’t remove current OPR because it’s where people can use their current builds to PvP…. But let’s have another mode where players get AP (ability points) from doing objectives ie capturing points, killing/contributing to baron, summoning bears/ghosts etc. DO NOT GIVE AP FOR KILLING PLAYERS! If you do that people will get in games and feed. You need to force players to focus on a greater goal and team work. Killing other players should be a way to make getting goals/objectives easier. This will stop people from ignoring goals and just fighting nonstop.

With AP players can upgrade their abilities, buy extra perks (PvP talent tree maybe?) this is how people get the upper hand.

Players will need to learn counter abilities, perks to counter strong players and work together more.

Idea 4.

Also when is battle royal mode coming out?

You could have it where each day one of the territories becomes a battle royal map. Players sign up and when the game begins they cannot exit the territory otherwise a corrupted hoard appears and kills them. They must fight to the death until there’s one person left standing. Over time corrupted appear in different spots forcing players to move away from that area and forcing them to fight each other.

This all happens on the live map where anyone who hasn’t signed up sees other players in the battle royal but don’t see the corrupted. All they see are players fighting each other and dying as apparitions of the corrupted that kill players in the battle royal appear and disappear around them.

Maybe it would be a bit much to have it happening on the live map so instead it’s an instance of the live map and players will see apparitions of players fighting each other and corrupted randomly appear in the live map.