Addons are a plague, please no!

Am I the only one here who is against addons for this particular game? The sole reason I enjoy this game is it’s hard. Reducing the azoth and gold reduction for respec was my first concern. Now, with the addition of a mini-map addon, I am more concerned.


this game is not azoth farm simulator 2021…
it was focused on pvp and still largely is.
having difficult grind or farm mechanics dont do well in such games because of the pvp.

minimaps etc are QoL features which are more than welcome in a pvp focused game.


Pvp focus went out the door in alpha.

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how can u say that when u look at the game now ?
outpost rush, territory wars etc and what kind of pve endgame do u have ?
this game is still largely pvp focused. they just made it less hardcore pvp…

I can say that cause I was there. It was full loot pvp.

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Yea, I despise add-ons… :unamused: legit makes games like wow unplayable and I would hate for it to go that route


still its pvp focused (i was there as well).
you see it in how the pve content was made.

If it wasn’t for addons, world of warcraft wouldn’t be the game it is today. Sometimes, QoL is important in a humans life. I installed the minimap addon and I wasn’t impressed. Does it go against the game mechanics? Yes. You get to see all the ores and harvesting nodes. Is that cheating? No. Does it make it easy? Yes. It’s called QoL. Maybe you should come play on my East Coast Server Mu. It’s literally dead and you can have all the ores you want. Nobody ever farms for anything because it’s dead.

Don’t hate on what someone likes. Addons have been a critical play in games. You should worry about the future of New World, not a freaking minimap.

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Well that’s certainly true.

  • Addons have made WoW a game where devs have to tune raids based on the assumption any serious player will be running mods that would trivialize the content otherwise.
  • Addons have made WoW a game where if you’re not running Gladius/Diminishing returns and sArena along with Weak Auras you’re going to lose in Arenas.
  • Addons have made WoW a game where if you’re not running Weak Auras and DBM or BigWigs in M+ runs you’re holding back your group.
  • Addons have made WoW a game reduced to timed keystroke presses based on what one mod or another is prompting you to do.


No, no to mods. No to opening the API for anything.


I don’t really like modding games. My ideal MMO is out of the box functional, with cloud saving for most or all important things like key binds, gameplay and ui settings, etc.

I prefer the combat and overall game design of Elder Scrolls Online compared to Guild Wars 2. I think ESO largely is the better game in many ways. The problem with ESO is they have refused to implement many basic features and the game does not play well without a myriad of addons. The addon development community for the game has been in shambles for years. Outdated crap everywhere, addons that a million people use that are 5 versions out of date, depending on libs that are 20 versions out of date. ESO is effectively ruined because no minimap, no quest guidance, insufficient things tracked on map, the auction house doesn’t work at all without addons, etc.

Guild Wars 2 has a good minimap, has an acceptable auction house interface, has an acceptably detailed map, cloud saves hot keys and general settings. The process of getting GW2 working on a fresh OS install is install the game, type in your email and password, that’s it. The process of keeping the game up to date is run the patcher, that’s it. This makes GW2 the obvious choice for me over ESO, even though Zenimax did better in all ways except the ones that are most important. I’ve played both games to near 100% completion because I’m an idiot, but I think a lot of people who only have time for one or the other will more strongly take into account these factors, and that really shows in how vibrant and active GW2 is vs ESO. GW2 5v5 queue times vs ESO 4v4v4 queue times are roughly 1/20th, and GW2 keeps upwards of a hundred RvR maps populated whereas ESO struggles to keep 2-3 RvR maps populated at peak times some weeks.

ArenaNet is running their live service as a service, whereas Zenimax poops out half made updates and the community is expected to complete them. Spoiler: they don’t.

The solution to the plague of addons/mods is to look at what people are passionate enough about to make addons/mods for, figure out which ones are reasonable standard features people will expect in an MMO, implement those, and create a clear policy against the ones that are not reasonable. Some companies get it, some don’t. AGS is still too new to say which way it will go.

And add-ons allow the devs to be lazy. Look at wow. They have zero QoL shit looks ancient because add-ons. But if you look at a game like FFXIV they refuse add-ons because they want the game to be accessible to everyone out of the box so they consistently do upgrades and QoL fixes. Things you want to see.

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The minimap addon doesn’t show all the nodes for everything and a lot of nodes are incorrect. But it is still useful to know where stuff is or should be.

I literally do not understand the need for a minimap. You can view the map while running and is stupid easy to view and also place markers on the compass. Minimap is pointless and I enjoy that they left out such a useless feature that just clutters the screen and adds another layer of unrealism.

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WoW looks ancient because WoW is ancient by gaming standards. The game is over 17 years old…

There’s a lot of hyperbolic nonsense on the forums comparing a map overlay to UI modification in WoW. WoW’s UI modification was a large part of it’s success, but even if it wasn’t, an overlay of a static map vs. an entire API that lets people customize any aspect of your UI are two things that are multiple worlds apart. This game has zero meaningful UI modification and zero announced plans to ever add an in-game UI modding system of any scale let alone one comparable to WoW.

The devs already rushed out a fairly illogical stance against placing node icons on a static overlay map rather than just disabling the positional API and coordinate display on the FPS counter if they didn’t like the map automatically moving around, which was the only thing that made the overlay in anyway different than just looking at a map on a website. The positional API doesn’t even serve a purpose now anyway, I’m not sure why they’d even bother to leave it in at this point.

The compass bar is more than enough for navigation, it contains cardinal directions, degree markers and trackables.
Does it need to be improved? Yes, particularly on the trackable distances, tracking breaking on instance swap and perhaps changing the viewed compass range to be more in line with the FOV. Also I should disable some resource tracking if I wanted to, but thats a lesser issue.

All I see from people wanting a minimap is to be able to track where players are more easily

What type of feature you think it is dont mater. If it tracks anything else then you as a player its against the rules. So in all cases its against the rules since no one uses it like that.

Its clear from the rules and Dev have stated it. So now they just need to find a way to make players follow the rules.

  1. No you are not the only one and you know that.

  2. Before we could possibly develop addons as a community, we need an API from AGS. They need to maintain said API. This is work for them.

  3. If we get an API to develop addons, AGS could restrict certain aspects of it and therefore make it impossible for certain addons to work.

  4. The current minimmap mod only works, because we can see the ingame coordinates. It basically scans them and puts your location on an interactive map overlay.

  5. I fear, we won’t get a lot of the quality of life changes without proper API and the ability to develop them addons ourself.

Pick any QoL feature you would like to see and ask yourself, if this would be worth it.

I definately say yes to addons personally.

Nobody is prohibited or forcing you to use addons in the game, use them if you want, and respect if others use them. If it’s released by the developer, we’ll use it. Cries not seen.

I know the minimap is Forbidden. I was rather talking about them developping their own minimaps etc and for Future addons that might or might not be accepted by Ags.