Addressing PVP vs PVE

NEW WORLD DEVS, STOP i repeat STOP nerfing and changing PVE skills and items for PVP, the game is balanced for both and when you adjust something because PVP isn’t working you are killing the PVE side of it.

You have specific Armor for PVP so if wars are lagging because of all the heals I guarantee you they are lagging because of the Ax Gravity well’s I saw a war last night with 10 healers and all the healing circles out but I saw probably 30 gravity wells because everyone in PVP is using the Ax and hammer.

Here is the answer, you need a PVP weapon ability path leave the weapons ability as they are but make a path for PVP make cool downs longer on heals or whatever you want to do but you need to have two different skill paths PVE and PVP because what you are doing is ruining the PVE side of the game and the game does great and keeping them separate because PVP players are toxic and most people don’t want to deal with that.

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