Addressing Server Transfers

I’m not here to start a flame war against the devs, more so I’d like to get a solidified response on the topic of server transfers, and when the second wave would be available. There are a ton of companies, players, and friends split up due to how server transfers worked, which can be rectified by reissuing a second wave.
This thread has a statement made that tokens would be reissued to players affected by server imbalances, which a good portion of the playerbase is currently affected by.
secondly another post was made by an acting community manager stating that a second wave would be issued with an ETA of “before the year ends”. (sadly I cannot find nor link the post)
I’m not asking for a token to be given out now, as nice as it would be. I simply want an ETA on when we can expect the second wave to come. Its a very pressing issue thats coming right now, and a good amount of the playerbase Ive talked to would be satisfied with more communication about the topic.

From what customer support told me today, if you don’t have a transfer token when your server is merged, they will not be issuing another one. If you already have a token when your server is merged, you should still be able to use it. So people who transferred to a dead server (like mine) and can’t transfer out now have to worry about being stuck for the forseeable future unless tokens are reissued to that population or put in the cash shop for purchase. An ETA on tokens would help people figure out if they should just start from scratch on another server and abandon their character temporarily, or hang in there.

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Only problem I ever have with customer support is they are never on the same page about anything, so its hard to get a legitimate response out of them, as opposed to a community manager who has direct communication with the devs or the devs themselves. I have a feeling if one of them responded Id get a much more legitimate answer in the end.

I’d love to hear from a community manager, too. This situation has a huge impact on the player base who transferred to dead or dying servers, aka the people who cannot effectively play the game right now, and the companies who are loyal to their people and don’t want to leave anyone behind.

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