Adjust major combat trophy mat drop rates

As per the title, it’s absolutely absurd that after killing the same boss over and over for over seven hours only one person has managed to obtain the crafting material for the major combat trophies.

It does not in any way create an enjoyable game experience having such a relentless grind to obtain these mats from a single boss and not only this but it also cultivates the likelihood that bots will inevitably start being set up to kill these mobs over and over for the ridiculously slim chance that it drops a mat.

Not only are the mats disgustingly difficult to obtain, but the bosses are also at a level where the loot tables if you do not get these items are embarrassingly low and further serve emphasise the mundane activity that you are forcing us to undertake if you take PVE seriously in this game.

It should not be so difficult to obtain these items, there should be more routes to obtain them (put the ancient and angry earth mats in Genesis and Lazarus at least) and it is extremely frustrating that AGS thinks this is acceptable.

Sort it out please, I am /really/ trying to enjoy this game despite it having its flaws but stuff like this is really making it more of a second job than a fun pass time.


The drops for the trophies should be coming from any gold named elites of the variety that the elite is IMO.

Right now we have about 15 people camping the surgeon and he does so fast half the time I can’t get kill credit.

If it was moved to any gold elite people on chest runs have a chance to get it and people in expeditions have a chance to get it. We can keep playing the game we want to play and stop camping a boss for endless hours.

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I looked at the loot table the basic combat trophy material has the same drop chance as the major ones at 99500 or 0.5% chance. This type of drop table does not allow luck if we have the correct understanding that lucksafe = true prevents luck making it drop easier.

The reason we see more basic combat trophies is that they are added to the common drop table which most creatures have available. Thus overtime you’ll have a greater chance to get them.

Since the major combat material is only on one monster with a fairly long timer of 6mins, we will continue to see a choke in the market for the foreseeable future. You’ll need on average 200 kills to get be on drop rate which with the time to respawn that would take ~20hrs. Given this is RNG and there is no growing increase rate you could be a lot more unlucky than 200 kills for a single major combat material.

To add a sad point to this truth, you only get a 1% increase in damage for upgrading your basic to a major combat trophy.

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Bump. Can we get a @Developer to respond here? Is it possible to get a buff to major combat trophy pieces? Have them drop from a wider variety of mobs and increase drop rate.

No one needs an extra 1-3% damage to ancients. It’s a totally uneccessary thing to have. So why not make it rare? Based on the suggestions in this thread we should just remove combat trophies altogether since that’s the same as everyone having one. More of a devils advocate post because i can’t care less about how much damage I do to ancients or lost or whoever.

Whilst I appreciate the point you’re making I think there is a line to be drawn in respect of whether you tune it so that they are too common and thereby redundant or alternatively too rare in which case it proves to be a huge time sink and disenfranchises engagement with the game.

Of course this does not take into consideration that to make the trophy you require 200 furnishing which in itself isn’t exactly quick to obtain (although I do appreciate you can approach other furnishers to get it made for you, someone has to have got the skill though!)

I’m not suggesting that the rarity is even changed necessarily in so much as drop rates, but atleast have more (relevant) mobs have the ability to drop these items so people still have to try and graft to get them but not to the extent that it sits currently.

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