Adjusting Heavy armor/armor in general and, Life staff capabilities in PVP only

  • I’m not sure if players are receiving the 20% bonus damage from light armor. I deal the same amount of damage with 2 sets of armor, that have the same stats. 1 set is light armor, the other is heavy armor.

  • Values of light vs medium vs heavy armor types needs adjusted or looked into, but I’d wait until life staff is balanced for fairplay in PvP. Its hard to tell what’s overtuned with life staff being capable of outhealing any dps 1v1 2v1 or even 3v1, it’s frustrating, unfair, and unbalanced.

  • Life staff needs toned down (Sacred ground) and w/e passives that make it do what it needs to do. Life staff feels great in PvE and people will even say it’s not enough, but I beg to differ. PvP is another matter. it’s too much. if you play vs someone with heavy armor and life staff that is built to be tanky with sacred ground, you’re not killing him 1v1 period. That’s a problem. anyone who thinks otherwise is not thinking clearly. I’ve seen a single healer in heavy armor stay alive for over 5 minutes vs 5 others… It’s not good.

You can still kill Healer in Heavy Armor, interrupt heal, stun them, put him out of the Heal Area and done.
If u fight him on there “Ground” its your own fault.

Keep in my mind this game is not mainly 1v1.
Heals are not the problem. Problem is the heavy armor and not working light bonuses.

Take the whole picture, not only your 1v1.

On a side note: I never had any problems killing a heavy healer in a 1v1. There’s too many ways to kill them

The problem is this game has more bugs than an ant colony.
Damage reduction drops sharply after reaching 1000 points (physical or elemental) at 50%.
The real problem stems from the bug making critical damage reduction applying to all damage, faction gear + 150 constitution already makes up for 33% damage reduction that is multiplied with your armor.
100 raw damage * 0.5 armor * 0.7 faction gear makes you recieve only 35 damage at the end, instead of likely 45 when factoring in critical hits would work as intended.

This also means healing seems stronger (because you are recieving less damage than expected by working calculations), when it actually may be just at the right point instead.

Yeah as I said problem is the heavy, not the heals

Life Staff is not overturned. It’s most likely the BROKEN Faction PvP gear in those 1v2 situations. If you can’t kill a healer 1v3. Well, you got other problems.

Life Staff is not balanced around 1v1 fights, and should not be. This is a game about WAR and massive fights. Not to mention PvE.

There’s absolutely NO WORLD in which a healer can stay alive 1v5 against even remotely competent players. You’re exaggerating an issue based on either lies or some crazy scenarios of really bad players being outplayed.

the issue here isn’t life staff. it’s the armor system. heavy armor, especially faction armor, has too much damage resistance and absorption with absolutely no down side. sure you can’t dodge, but you can block an attack chain. and for healers that’s optimal because you don’t want to move out of the healing zones.

people attack life staff because it’s the easiest thing to distinguish in a situation. you can see the staff and the healing so you assume that is the issue. little do you know the issue is the armor numbers, perks and gems.

look at every immortal tank healer build and life staff is barely half of the requirement. you need heavy armor and you need damage absorption/mitigation. give heavy armor a healing output nerf and I guarantee it will fix more issues than nerfing life staff.

No, this is a game balanced around stagger, a mechanic no longer in the game.

20 second cooldown… re-cast in 15 seconds- 5 seconds of the battle (without CD reduction gear/perk) where you can put DPS on them vs pushing him out of the circle for them to be in said circle in 1-3 seconds worth of time. If wearing HA, and onyx gem bug with the resilient gear bug that reduced ALL damage not just the crit damage it’s GG.

With that said, those bugs need fixed before messing with heal staff- except- I faught a level 35 healer in janky gear he found in a dungeon, no gems, just medium/light pieces, and he asked for me to kill him while he’s in the sacred ground- I couldn’t out DPS his heals. and I have 6 different ways to CC with my build. 4 if you don’t include the snares as CC. 4 staggers, and stuns. 1 of those staggers is a knockback, but for this test I did full damage rotations- while I did red-line his health, it was full before my next hit. I was hitting for 1600-3k per hit(back attack), and he had 6k total HP.

So I kind of want to say the staff still heals in PvP too much. ALMOST close to being balanced, so it’s touchy. I wouldn’t say it’s always going to be OP no matter who utilizes the healing aspects but still. when people who know HOW to utilize it fully, you’re not killing them 1v1 or 2v1 or even 3v1 period.

IF THEY FIXED all the other bugs first- I wouldn’t be mad, it actually makes sense to go about balancing this way first. THEN you can see what LS is really about, and I’m telling you- It still needs worked on. just watch.

Light armor still needs it’s 20% damage bonus
Heavy armor values for resistance should be re-worked as well, it doesn’t make any sense that it has more elemental resistance than light armor. they got that opposite imo. Heavy armor should be physical resistance that can’t be touched by light armor, while light armor should be more elemental based, even the 3 variance versions of said armor. Light armor can still have decent physical res, but then on that same piece of armor, the res for elemental is severely reduced. Which I like that variance of armor types. it’s cool af. But a little off. Sorry but if someone flames you while you’re wearing full heavy, that metal should be like an oven.

no it’s not, it’s more around grit than stagger. and stagger is still in the game. Look at weapon passives first before stating that.

they cannot balance gear pve/pvp, or change gear towards one or the other… unless they have separate servers with the current setup.

I’m aware of the very few abilities that have stagger. Grit means nearly nothing (it doesn’t stop CC btw). I should have been clearer. New World is balanced around normal attacks having stagger, which is no longer in the game. It’s why every engagement results in someone easily being able to run away and heal.

Grit stops staggers 100% and I believe knockdowns. just not stuns.

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