Adjustments that in my opinion, need to be made in New World

Extremely long read, likely more of the same, some unpopular ideas given the status of pvp in my ideas and presented solutions. I have given credit to an Idea I saw in the forum a couple days ago in regards to transmog.

  1. Shell companies need to go. Players making them need to be banned and their accounts deleted.
  2. Companies should have no access to gold until after everything in a town is fully upgraded. I have seen extremely silly amounts of gold these companies accumulate yet provide no benefit for the town, most times losing invasions and never providing max bonuses at all times. Companies that do not take care of the towns by upgrading, providing bonuses, should lose all gold if the town and bonuses are not fully upgraded and bonuses not rotating after a set time. there needs to be consequence to the capturing company and faction for not fully upgrading a town. I have stated this from day one, companies and factions can own forts, not the towns, the current system is simply bad programming and game choices.
  3. Towns transferred to a few players by proxy should not be allowed to attack or defend or be allowed to receive assistance for defense. Those towns should be made neutral for X amount of time and fully upgraded with any gold made being deleted from the system. that town will then be attacked by an invasion with only random selections from all factions pulled in. Companies found to be creating shell companies should be eliminated and all gold deleted account wide.
  4. ALL PVP gear should be separated from pve. It should be obvious after a solid year of failures trying to balance between the two is a huge failure.
  5. Animation cancelling needs to go and the original full animation and blocking requirements be reestablished.
  6. PVP spells, AOE spells, ALL weapons of any type needs to affect ALL pvp players at all times. This mass mob lord of the flies pvp combat is a joke.
  7. PVP players should not be able to stack in any circumstance. Friendly fire will take care of those perpetual body blockers. PVP players should be solid to each other regardless of weapon out or sheathed. PVE players would be immune to this.
  8. PVP players should have no nameplates above their heads. This is artificial identification for the games sake and prevents social interaction and other forms of emergent gameplay.
  9. Streamer and youtubers should not be allowed to dictate anything related to game development as the monetary gain is a direct conflict of interest verse advertisement.
  10. Game support is still very poor by any standard. Outsourcing to companies that have no capabilities to address in game issues does not give the consumer any service that is reasonable by any standard.
  11. Streamers or youtubers supporting bot, gold, and any money oriented companies need to be banned.
  12. The “new server” experience was a failure given the lack of interest and low player counts and continued server merges. Two free transfers should be allowed the last week of every month but no gold and no mats can be taken in the transfer. Official server merges would still transfer everything as normal.
  13. The game needs transmog badly. A post by a player (forgot name but credit to them) stated a token that could be purchased for a REASONABLE amount could be a permanent thing in the store.
  14. The current armor and weapon and general store artists are in my opinion very bad. New World is losing it’s lore and turning into…something, that is not good, losing it’s identity. Better artists are needed. New World has a lore, stick to it in creating new store items. My opinion.
  15. Mounts are needed in the game. There were needed at launch and it cost this game subscribers, that is a fact.
  16. Armor and weapon set tabs and swaps should have been in game from day one.
  17. Bots being reported to the outsourced companies dealing in support is ineffective. Local support with proper tools is a reasonable expectation for this game. A bot should disappear within an hour once reported and the entire account removed. Any Bot friends list should be thoroughly investigated.
  18. Dyes are doing nothing but wasting space, I could list a dozen fixes and uses, why cant the people working on this game come up with better uses?
  19. Purchasable “fresh start” tokens from the store, once per max level, same server. Players should be allowed to reset their character at any time, no name changes. They would keep current lore and achievements but lose EVERYTHING ELSE, all inventories, faction, company and rank, housing, weapons, mats, gold, armor, sales. EVERYTHING but the rags they would start the game with. With the exception of not being able to change their name the character builder would be full access.

19a. The dungeon finder is a great tool that was long in coming. One big issue among a deceptively large portion of the mmo community is performance anxiety in dungeons and pvp events. An added item would be a checkbox indicating a player is new to X. This could be a two edged sword in keeping folks from dungeons or specific events or it could help the community improve itself.

I tossed this idea around in my head and waffled about listing it because i thought about Humans and their reactions in games…so here it goes. There are a lot of “toxic or more accurately, non Humans” individuals in any mmo that are in my opinion wasting oxygen. These are the mouthy, cant take the time to wait or instruct or berate others because they are not facing someone face to face, as harsh as it sounds, it is an issue in New World too and adds to the anxiety of many gamers.

Some are young and do not know any better or do know and simply do not care. They are a sad fact of life in mmo’s. With the check box indicating the player knows nothing, it is my belief there are those in the dungeon finder that would then not be surprised or “angry” when pulling in these individuals, which contrary to popular belief, there are a substantial amount that need a guiding hand or more patience, even with being anon. I could not say if a “reward” would be incentive or be abused, it would be up to the people working on this game. Just a thought.

  1. Crafting ANYTHING, ANYTHING, should have had a rework from day one, it is a huge, convoluted mess right now in which so much wasted programming and effort was and is still being wasted for new and vet players alike. The number of mats is an ongoing, silly issue. The amount of mats required should have never been the center point in crafting. This dumbed down both creation and produced stupid pricing for crafted gear on the auction houses. Crafting should have always been about time. Making an X level knife would take X amount of time, for everyone.

There is no need for “Skill levels” it is a wasted time block due to massive numbers of mats and rng. Making a starter knife should require 1 iron ingot and a piece of wood and possibly one piece of leather, some small amount of twine and 1 oil. The player takes the knife and puts it in craft mode. It will take say 15 minutes of real game time to make this knife, no skill check, no arbitrary bs. Left for the full craft time, there would be say, X bonuses or some rare mat to make an even better knife type.

The difference is this, the knife in this example can be removed from crafting at any time. Left the entire cycle, it will be a decent iron knife, removed early from the craft timing cycle and it will be less quality but never fail. When exploring a new dungeon and getting access to new recipes, the player can then immediately build that item from that dungeon due to new knowledge gained from the recipe. Recipes found in current dungeon would be for making gear for the next dungeon higher, Quests around the world would provide recipes for weapons and gear for certain dungeons or just basic gear. Accessing those dungeons would provide dungeon specific recipes that would scale with level. The only requirement would be a crafting timer.

Everyone could make the best weapons and gear though it would take possibly days or longer to make the top gear but would then actually command commensurate prices, keeping in mind even rare or legendary recipes could be stopped sooner with lesser stats to save time. The minutiae would have to be worked out by the people assigned to work on this game. The days of rng crafting and massive amounts of mats needs to go away. The added benefit is taking away a massive source of income for bots, those massive resources that are a waste of everyone’s time and provide a nuisance to gamers in general.

There is still so much wrong with this game and so much wasted programming I could type another 3 pages of needed improvements.

i agree shell companies should go
but banning players isnt soluton here. and it doesnt make any sense

i agree to this pvp perks and pve perks should be seperated.
if pvp player want something nerfed.
it MUST NOT effect pve

nah if you want to start in a new server
go start a new character… why should you have a shortcut ?
just say " im lazy i dont want to do those things again "