Advise to save the game from ruin

Simple advice, no cost ~Your Welcome.

The changes in the PTR. Specifically the Gypsum. If you introduce the changes as seen in PTR, as reported on reddit by dataminer & as players are talking about. You can kiss your playerbase you are screwing over who put effort into the current systems.

When you make game changing changes like this, Its smarter to Release 10 levels to raise cap & end game While giving players a reason & chance ~ more a reason, to do the new system while actively having a reason to play the game. Unlike currently due to no Economy (unless you own a town which most of us DON’t, or bot outpost rush, or dupe)

Anyway thats it, You’re so very welcome, don’t forget to check the bug reports for the growing list of broken issues & actually fix them once & for all!

ok everyone prymortal just saved the game

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