Aeternum World Clock/Time Widget

I’ve done a search for this and have identified several posts around this same topic, but none of them appeared to have been addressed.

Simply put, is there any reason why we don’t have an Aeternum World Time available to us ingame? This is NOT to be confused with the server time (which is available), but rather should reflect the time of day ingame.

Most notably, this becomes an issue with one of the more recent implementations for specific Sheet Music that only drop from chests/caches during a specific 3 minute period (ie. “Dusk” or “Dawn”) ingame. It is completely unrealistic for Players to be tasked with guessing when that period is based on the location of the sun especially when these chests/caches have a cooldown of 1-hour, meaning the margin for error can be massive.

Some proposals to remedy this (including but not limited to):

  1. A simple clock that can be toggled on/off or is visible from the Menu
    *Bonus points if it also has a graphic to illustrate the time of day

  2. A Sundial that is located within each major city along with a note/inscription that reads when each time of day is in accordance with the shadow’s placement

  3. A Clocktower within each major city that reflects the correct time of day

with the amount of issues in the UI I honestly think this would be hard for them, the friends list is still bugged, and has been since launch. The leaderboards still bug, displaying wrong info, no info, or not even opening at all. Certain debuffs (trenchant rend) displays wrong %'s. I can already picture them displaying the wrong time 24/7

Even though I like the idea with a world clock, Im not sure I trusting asg enough to display world time, dont wanna be late for work… :wink:

^ this

Maybe I wasn’t clear in the initial post, but this is not to be confused with REAL time (nor the real world clock) whatsoever. This is purely a dynamic clock based on the time of day INGAME (ie. world of Aeternum).

As an example, it has been suggested that a full day/night cycle ingame is 1 hour and 30 minutes (give or take). Hence, we should have some form of clock ingame that accurately depicts this to the minute so that we can measure when to perform certain actions (ie. when it is Dawn and is the appropriate time to open chests for specific items as referenced in OP).

Hopefully that clears thing up a bit more

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Kind of what WoW has but instead a rectangle

A bar with the sun/moon rotating to see what time of day it is.
Could be improved upon with weather symbols once dynamic weather is thing.


Exactly! But, with the addition of a clock as well (whether digital or not) otherwise the day/night cycle illustration would be as useful as staring up at the sky :sweat_smile:

Another great example is from Mabinogi, though instead of the weather it would show the time of day.

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