# [AFK Detection Update] Is THE BEST

Hello poeple i saw today someone said that ;

You should stop blaming people it is your fault. No one wants to be AFK but we must to eat something to keep living. We cant staying alive with travel ration. So we should be afk for 30 mins but we dont wanna wait another 8+ hours to relog the game. If you want to talk about “Justice” first of all you should realize people who bought the game cant play.

hahahaha its so funny how can you think like that? How dare you attempt to play the game just because you paid?

AFK Detection is the best way to end queues. If you dont want to be blamed as a third party cheater dont think opposite. You have to think like big brother.

Have a nice day.


I totally agree with that…
In a restaurant, when you finish eating and leave the place, you can’t just walk back in, kick someone out just to have your desert…
Wanna eat? Ok go for it, but also let those who wanna play, actually play.

in this circumstance its like eating at a restaurant, and then sitting there not eating for another 1hr just to chat. the restaurant doesn’t want you, and the people queuing to be in there don’t want you there. And usually you would be kindly asked to leave by the staff, because you are holding up people who would eat

Well let me explain, You book for 8 pm and when you arrive there the owner tells you “I cant let you in because its full” and we askes so why you accept the booking for 8pm if you are already full? dont you know your slots while you are calling yourselves BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD. Then the owner says okay and let you sit on a chair to eat with someones wife. 2 mins later the guys comes back from restroom and ask you why you sitting on my chair. And the owner blames the guy you should’t go to restroom we are a busy restaurant you should never stand up and send the guy to start of the line out of restaurant. And you eat your meal with his wife.


Would you be for changing the logoff timer to 2 minutes instead of 20? Surely this would reduce queue times as it would effectively force people stepping away for a few minutes to log off.

Just bullshit… the game doesnt kick you out because you went afk for a while. But if you wanna hold your spot for a whole day, just to avoid queue… there is no excuse.

30 minutes is enough for bathroom or to eat. Stop being a selfish bastard and let others play too.

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