AFK Exploits & how to report

Working on something to prevent ppl “”“cheating”"" the afk kick is completely dumb, i believe there is other priorities like the excessively long queue wich is why ppl have to pretend not to be afk.
We just want to play the game and we cant, the thing is that it was exactly the same problems during the july’s beta.
Im mad.

I understand that people are frustrated, so am I. But instead of being unfair to everyone else, I log out when I’m about to take a longer break. If I can wait to get in next time I come back, so should everyone else, that’s called “fair play”. But my whole point here is that we would be waiting less if there was not so many AFK players which are sitting there for hours, which is why this is classified as cheating - they circumvent the game mechanics for their own personal gain and that’s against the TOS.

Not true. The star of SWTOR and GW2 was completely bug and queue free.

gw2 at launch had atrocious queue issues.
same for archeage.
but it got resolved quickly and didn’t had 2000 slots limit per servers…

Many people have asked for AGS to weigh in on this issue with an official statement stating whether this activity is actually considered against the terms of service but for some reason they don’t want to do this.

If AGS thought it was reasonable to do anything that allowed you fool/bypass or otherwise eliminate the AFK timer then they wouldn’t have an AFK timer in the first place.

For all of those people who are still saying you can’t run into a wall for >30mins I can guarantee 100% that you can, what you can’t do is use the auto run function.


lol this is so dumb

#MMO ( Massive Multiplayer Online )

M - First of all this game isn’t “massive” at all. In the FAQs they stated that 1000 players will be possible per server. Now its 2000. Still not massive.
M - Multiplayer. Well done, works … kind of. When ppl can get online.
O - Getting kicket after a determined time for whatever reason keeps you form beeing online.

AFK kick should be removed asap. This HAS to be seen as fraud since this is described as an online game. Getting kicked cause you walk your dog or something isn’t the definition of online at all.
Look at BDO (Black Desert Online), this is a masterpiece. They don’t kick you, they rather ask you to stay online for 24/7/365. ← Online

And everyone that joined a “streamer-Server” should not comment the current situation at all. They deliberately chose the queue.


  1. Remove the afk-kick mechanics. This is a fraud. Nothing else.
    When someone wants to sit at his campfire on a Mountain to enjoy the view while listening to the ingame music for 60 hours straight, … well. Go for it. Since its an online game no one can blame you for it.
  2. Maybe upgrade to 3-4k players a server. Don’t know if the Map works for mor than 2k tho
  3. Someone at amazon needs to take the consequences for all of this asap.

not sure about you, but there are many other games with afk/inactivity kicks, Neverwinter an MMO has one, guild wars 2 another mmo has one, any first or third person shooter will have one, competitive games have them, even some pve only games have them just to save your computer resources.

  1. No, just sounds like a bad idea
  2. cb had a 1k cap, ob had 2k but crashed and died multiple times a day, so we can see by default it would take on average 1 month just to up the limit by 1000 players and you want 2000, that’s at least 1.5 months away not a right now fix.

Well if you get beaten by 5 people, you would say i got beaten by a lot of people, if 1000 were to stand and throw stones at you, would you then say yeah it was just a few, but note a massive amount?

And for sure, kick those for…ers out of the servers, if you are keyboard macroing, cause you have to go out getting a drink, or work, sleep what ever, and then come home/up… and skipped the que, that is NOT ok,

You really haven’t thought this trough have you, to me it just looks like you try to tell us it is ok to macro so you wont get kicked, cause YOU do this your self.
At first there may be 5 that do it, then other see that nothing happens to them, next there are 30, nothing happens, then every one starts doing it, and son NO one can get onto the servers anymore, cause every one just programmed the keyboard.

This is all you need to do.
Then you can just under advanced, put in a repeet, with a random timer lets say, between 3-6 minures, it can be the macro repeats after 5m 21 sec, other time 3m 45 sec…

And you are OK with that, when every one starts with that, cause they do not want to wait in que, and then the rest of us have to suffer from that ?

I bet you do NOT care as long as it does not effect you, but believe me, it will at some point, and when you then cant get online, you will whine like a little… but for now you are ok with it, cause you do it your self i bet.

People do not care till the problems effect them self, no long term thinking, it is all about the now.

terms of service, you mean as been able to connect to a game you bought, and you don’t see where the responsibality for situation is really is ??? when 500-600k players have no seat to play for 3 days…


The problem are not the AFK players, the problem ARE the SERVERS. I’ll get kicked out because I went for lunch for 30 mins and not wanting to get a 4/8 hours queue? Insane… Let people select the play button and actually play instead of queuing.


Whitout AFKers, queue will be shorter for everyone, is a case that at the moment queue are shorter in position, but longer in time?

At the launch a queue of 2000 people take me 2 hour, now the same queue take me 6 hours, that is only fault of AFK people!


I think you completely missunderstand what MMO means but not everyone has to agree or be correct I guess.

i totally agree with you it was also like this in the closed beta

What? I started on NA and EU and on early access. There wasn’t any queues on any server?

And it seems I’m not the only one remembering it that way

First of all u dont need to buy a house to be out of view u can just go to the house and take a look before u buy it → invisible to other players without spending gold ingame.

Second i also use that to be AFK longer than 20 mins, for example when i go on a walk with my dog or cooking. I dont wanna spend another 6 hours in queue, just because the Devs dont have enough and small servers with release. They knew how many preordered the game so the whole " we are suprised by the amount of players" is simply a lie or kinda stupid from them to believe that all these preorder people will not play the game.

Thing is, back in the day, people used to be more intelligent and use their brain to analyze an issue. Nowadays, everyone’s just a selfish asshole who doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves and their own gains. So this whole “AFK cheaters” situation isn’t really that much of a surprise. I was just hoping I could talk to someone who is willing to think before they say something… Cheers to you all!

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AFK kids should buy their servers and play alone there with any AFK macros and cheat they want.

These servers are not their property and if they don’t agree with this T&C, they should be banned from any MMO. Simple as that ! You cheat, you get out and never return !


This whole AFK thing wouldn’t even be an issue if people could just start the game and get right on in. It’s because people want to avoid having to wait for hours, that the AFK thing arted out into the mess it is now. Fix the need to queue and the afk problem will resolve itself.

If I could thumbs down a post…I would this one a million times.