AFK kicked for fishing normally

So I thought let’s try fishing after I hit mid 40’s. What a surprise to be kicked out of the game while “PLAYING THE GAME” normally. Words cannot describe the feeling.

Got AFK-Kicked from 10minutes fishing. What is going on?

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I was also kicked twice yesterday for AFK (no warning) while actively fishing. Hoser Hobbes on Riallaro.

I can also confirm that I was fishing normally, changing baits and chatting with the people around me, before I was rudely kicked for being AFK. I don’t think I even saw a warning five minutes prior…I feel like I would have noticed, since I was, you know, actually paying attention…

Same here, 3rd times was kiked by afk_kicked when fishing this afternoon…

This needs to be addressed. Figure out a way to stop botters that does not impact normal play. Plenty of suggestions that are solid in this chain. Being booted while fishing and talking to others using voice AND area chat is total BS. Even more frustrating when the mechanic of hotspots encourages you to find a spot to stand and perfect your release timing to hit that hotspot… come on Amazon you’re better than this nonsense.

So frustrating… Fishing, moving, talking. Time for a break from this game until this is fixed.

Another vote for this issue getting addressed. Got kicked while fishing, i’m certainly not a bot, I’m actually here looking around, changing bait, casting, missing the hot spot sometimes, Just normal stuff!

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I was just kicked as well for fishing at a fishing spot in First Light :stuck_out_tongue:

same here

i can confirm this also keeps happening to me

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I was worried if i was already “too old and slow” for such an high paced mmo.

Since the latest patch, i had multiple unjustified afk kicks.
Each encounter happend in different situations and the only common factor is that my character was standing on the same coordinates/position.

  • Several times it happend standing at the Market - researching which star metal tools i can afford and where to buy. Actively clicking menus and filters when suddenly BANG - Afk kick.

  • Another time happend after i closed the market. I immediately opened the map and was dragging the map to the area i want to teleport. BANG - afk kick. i mean common, i was still holding the mouse button while dragging.

  • Fishing on the same Spot. Between the fish reels i regulary open the menu to check the map where the next portals are or which town has storage left - BANG - afk kick.

During my shifts, i play usually quite passively and only use the mouse from my gaming pc while in parallel i work on my office with mouse/keyboard.
That means, standing on a good spot and harvest/mine/log/fish every few minutes with a few mouse clicks.

I know, this looks exactly like a bot behavior but yeah, that’s the only way i can play during that time. It would be sad if this would already lead to a kick just because your behavior is too “robotic”.

Well, if moving solves this problem, i could map jumping or crouching to one of the mouse buttons and do this from time to time. That totally will not look like a boting :smiley:


seriously? you NEED to stand still? I can fish a hotspot, move a bit and still very easily fish that same hotspot. I don’t NEED to stand still

well, you dont need to stay still.

BUT, it is really stupid that NOW, normal playing players are AFK-kicked while bots are immune to this. :wink:

Being kicked for AFK while you play game as it was intended is super retarded. :frowning:

Same here, happened twice today as I was reeling in a fish.

Adding my name to this list as well. I have been AFK_Kicked twice today while actively fishing (casting, reeling in fish, managing inventory space, etc). I’m pretty sure the “Lag Detected” error that’s showing up is just their connection monitoring system throwing up an error because the AFK system has killed the connection.

I just was afk’d continually fishing too. Well I guess Amazon and blizzard have in common that they don’t play their own games, and definitely don’t test them…

@Tosch Can any CM make a statement?

@Tosch this needs to be fixed fast fishing unplayable there is no warning and who moves when fishing I watch youtube on the side and fish I dont fish , move , fish , move, fish ,move who the heck does that?
come on… I mean come on…

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We made some changes a few hours ago to address this: [Notice] AFK System changes