Can something be done about the huge amount of people who just afk-macro or autorun into a wall? even after a server restart and only 30 seconds in server being online people log in just to go AFK in a corner… a good 20% “MINIMUM” of total players on an UNDERSIZED server capacity of 2k are doing it… had talked to people who log in early morning just to afk for 8 hours while they’re at work… PLEASE do something active about it… don’t think the community want any “we’re working on it” with no results whatsoever…

Their aware of this issue, please report those players in-game.

using the ingame autorun, u still get afk kick, so they are not the problem.

if u see people using macro, to not get afk kick (something that is not allowed) just press H on them, then report, and use cheating, and type macros afk

they have been reported by me and many others… still, people do it en mass… they know there is no immediate punishment so they just do it… and if you talk in-game… people will verbally assault you for being “dump” and such… people who done it are still playing as nothing happened.

Yep your right. Wish i had more to say lol


1000% as I expected taht nothing will happen :smiley:

Hey all! We completely understand the frustration of waiting in queue just to run into people using a macro or other way to bypass the inactivity timer. This is definitely not appropriate behaviour and the team is taking actions on these players.

You can read about our action plan here for more information.

We appreciate your feedback and patience while we worked to find a solution to this issue!

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Hi its not the AFK’ers its the low capped servers here’s proof.

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