AFK Players Autorun Into Wall To Avoid AFK Server Disconnect

Selfish players who are AFK set their player to autorun into a wall so that they are not disconnected from the server for being AFK.

Players are doing this to avoid disconnecting and waiting in server queues.

The AFK detection needs to include a change in the player location coordinates. If the player location does not change then disconnect the player for inactivity.


Wish I would have thought about that before i logged out for Diner! Smacks forehead

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Yes, I’ve seen several people doing this. I just waited for 2 hours in queue and then got a “Failed to login…” message and now I am back at the end of the line. Imagine if everyone logged out when they aren’t actually playing, then the queues might not be so horrible.

Same on Styx Windward.
I am reporting people who are obviously cheating with this.
They not only use autorun, but also seem to use some kind of script?
Inbetween running they step to the side and continue running into a wall aso.

Yes the queue is annoying, but it’s just super selfish for them to keep their spot, when other could just join instead.
Don’t think that there are that many, that the queue is at 2-5k
BUT at least a few more people could join and play (for the first time in 3 days XD)


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