Afk players in outpost rush are laughing at lack of punishment


I would like to draw attention to an ongoing issue which you are no doubt aware of to some extent.

The issue being players who use macros to gain benefits of the outpost rush game mode without actually contributing.

Often these players will enter the game mode, kill a couple of monsters, then find an obscure place to hide.

I play primarily on the popular US West server El Dorado. On this server there are a number of players who are famously known for being afk in outpost rush games. We see their names in global chat often.

I actually have a company member who actively brags about it and laughs at the lack of concern when it comes to punishment for his actions. Instead using it as justification to continue his behavior, while mocking others who bother to play the game mode legitimately.

On top of these legitimate players. The server community has noticed that during the early AM hours there is a larger amount of players with Chinese character names, who belong to widely known Chinese speaking only companies, who afk during this time so often that many choose not to play outpost rush if those are their primary gaming hours.

I am also a frequent reader of community content and forums.

On various forums the public has made multiple statements, suggestions, and yes complaints about this issue. As is common, there’s a share of negativity and “meme” culture surrounding this issue.

Much of it is met with a sort of pessimism. Many believe that the game mode is being neglected. Others who enjoy outpost rush see it as a concerning sign that future game modes introduced will likewise be tainted by players who abuse the system by finding methods to avoid being kicked for not contributing.

I am in no way an experienced game developer. And I find it rude to demand things of a team who is already working hard to make a game I enjoy even better.

However, I believe it would be a good idea to perhaps introduce a better system to combat these exploiters.

Perhaps a majority vote kick system?

I am positive the team is aware of most if not all of the commonly mentioned issues across the gaming forums and within game. Perhaps, please, outpost rush issues could be added to the list of priorities.

Thank you for your time,



Very well put, expressed politely and intelligently. I too hope they find a solution to all the bots, AFK, aim, gold, etc. as well as players that exploit and abuse the system.

From what I have gathered from their responses and actions, is that they were not prepared for launch and that the game was launched prematurely.

Hopefully, these issues will be addressed soon.


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