AFK System completely bugged

not even gonna bother filling out everything cause its a waste of time.

1> fix your freaking AFK system. it\s literally bugged, it kicks you out when you move, when you dont move, when you craft, when you dont craft, when you buy items in trading post or you dont buy items, kicks you out in PVP, in outpost when hiding somewhere

It\s freaking BS, and on top of all that, i have to sit on a 400 ppl que everytime, its getting exhausting.

they have those afk detection measures in place to reduce queue time

reduce que times? it’s kicking fkn active players, and worst of all, we have like 10 servers that has queues, the game is rapidly dying and tons of servers are empty, there’s barely que times.

its a big failure of an attempt to counter fishing bots, instead of using a game master and going to the areas we report on the forum, and simply ban hammering 20-30 people on one go

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