AFK Timeout is very annoying

Dear AGS,

Can you PLEASE remove the afk timeout or at least only apply it to those fishing? I understand it needed to be implemented for fish bots but it’s super annoying. Part of the fun of an MMO is just chilling in town showing off your cool gear or appearance.

It’s also WAY too short at the moment. So short that I will be just browsing the trading post for too long and trigger the countdown. Honestly I don’t even think it will help against fish bots as they could easily just code the bot to move a little bit.

If you are worried of people clogging up the server being afk and online, just make the timeout trigger only when the server is nearing the online population cap.

I’m sure other players find this super annoying as well. I always see people complaining about it.

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shameless bump

They only imposed this at launch when people were playing the game due to queue time. Well do we really need it now that even “high pop” servers are only half full at peak?

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yeah man, the servers are stuffed. they need to kick afk’s to make room for…bots?

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